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From humble beginnings to stock market success story, Stitch Fix delivers high fashion at low prices to your door monthly. Originally focused only on women’s wear, in recent years they’ve expanded their line to include men’s clothing, too. One of their main selling points is their extensive commitment to helping you develop your own look through the use of their team of personal stylists.

Is Stitch Fix the best clothing solution for you? Our in-depth review provides all the details you need to know.

What Makes Stitch Fix Unique?

The main draw of Stitch Fix is the extensive variety of women’s wear. Founder Katrina Lake started the company out of her apartment with the goal of helping women create a stylish wardrobe quickly and on any budget.     

No two people have the same personal style. Stitch Fix allows you to customize each delivery to build a look you’ll love. Subscribers are assigned a personal stylist who will quickly learn what you like, what you don’t and what situations you need to dress for.  

Pros and Cons


  • Consistent commitment to customer service
  • Competent, caring personal stylists​​​​
  • Potential for great deals
  • Easy, free shipping


  • Having a personal stylist learn your preferences can take a bit more time than usual clothing boxes.
  • Prices can vary a lot.
  • There's only a three-day turnaround period for returns.

How The Signup Process Works

From the very beginning, Stitch Fix seems dedicated to your specific needs. The initial signup requires you to input your size, select your style preferences and set your price parameters for individual clothing items. Completing the profile should only take about 10 minutes and you can make changes at any time.

Members receive a box of five items, each selected by a personal stylist. No subscription is required. You can even tailor delivery based on what works best for you. You can receive a box every month, every other month, every three months or even every two weeks.

If you don’t want automatic deliveries, you can also set up manual deliveries. Want to pause deliveries temporarily? No problem. Your personalized Stitch Fix homepage lets you tailor the schedule at will.

Pricing and Value

Each subscription box has an initial fee of $20. This covers the stylist fees. From there, each item in the box is priced separately. The average item price is $55 although the specifics can vary between $20 and $600.  

When your custom-curated box arrives, you can buy any, all or none of the five included items. If you decide to buy all five, you’ll get a 25% discount off your total. The $20 stylist fee is applied as a credit if you purchase even one item.

Once your box arrives, you have three days to try out the items. Anything you don’t want needs to be shipped back with a postmark of three days after arrival or else you’ll be charged. While the prepaid mailer makes return shipping easy, three days is significantly shorter than most other services, which typically give subscribers at least a week.  

Public Perception

Stitch Fix is in the news quite often. That’s because the company had humble beginnings before becoming a major force in the subscription box industry. Founder Katrina Lake originally had a few false starts before creating Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix became a success primarily due to two factors: the personal stylist and the high quality clothing. We found many reviews where people were very impressed by the insight and care of their personal shopper.

Note that we also found quite a few reviews discussing how the personal shoppers didn’t get it quite right at first. People had to provide rather extensive feedback after receiving their first box or two. But, soon enough, each stylist learned the needs of the client and was able to help build a wardrobe.  

Reviewers also seemed to be impressed with the quality of the clothing. Designers include Kate Spade, Equipment, Rebecca Minkoff and more. We found many comments from folks who were introduced to new brands which they hadn’t heard of previously.      

How It Compares

Compared to other subscription boxes, Stitch Fix has a lot to offer – but there are also some downsides to the service.   

While the service does offer clothing for both men and women, the women’s line of clothing is far superior with a greater selection and more well-known brand names. If you’re only interested in men’s clothing, you’ll probably find more bang for your buck with either Bombfell or the Five Four Club

However, if you’re interested in women’s wear, there’s a lot to like here. The personal stylists are attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. Plus, subscribers will likely be introduced to brands they’ve never heard of before.

Pricing is very reasonable compared to similar services. Most women will be able to build a versatile wardrobe for under $100 a month. Plus, there are never any charges for shipping.

Sign up isn’t a highlight but does work pretty well. The initial, on-site process is fast and simple. But your stylist might not understand your needs immediately. The first few deliveries might not be styles which you’re interested in. However, managing your order through the website is always very easy.

Finally, we need to address the three-day return window. It’s definitely on the short side. When you get a box, you only have three days to decide if you want to purchase any of the items or return them. If you think you’ll typically need a bit more time, consider Bombfell or Trunk Club instead. 


Does Stitch Fix offer men's clothing?

Does Stitch Fix offers women's clothing?

Is the personal stylist a real person?

What's the delivery schedule?

Do you have any questions about Stitch Fix? Leave them in the comments section below and we’ll find the answer for you.

Is It Worth It For Me?

Stitch Fix is one of the most popular subscription box services around, but is it right for you?

First, this is a subscription box best suited for women’s wear. While there’s nothing wrong with their men’s line, most guys will probably be happier with either Five Four Club, Bombfell or another service dedicated exclusively to men’s fashion. 

However, Stitch Fix can be a great fit for women looking to expand their style without breaking their budget. The personal stylist is a valuable resource. You’ll learn more about great brands while expanding your fashion horizons. 

Aside from fashionistas, Stitch Fix can also be a great choice for any woman with a busy life. The flexible delivery schedule means you can get new clothes when you need them. Plus, Stitch Fix offers tops, dresses, pants, jackets, socks shoes and even accessories – so you can build a whole wardrobe without setting foot inside a department store.


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