A Must-Read Ultimate Guide To Subscription Boxes for Men

happy jumping men
happy jumping men

When you’re looking for an excellent gift for the special guy in your life, it’s not always easy to find the right option. With the advent and proliferation of subscription boxes for men, you can not only find something that fits the lifestyle of the man you’re looking for but keep the fun going all year long. You can pay a low price monthly and have gifts show up on a regular basis. With so many choices, it can still be hard to find the right box. That’s where we come in with some of the best subscription boxes out there for you or your loved one to enjoy.

Clothing Subscriptions Boxes

There are a lot of options in the clothing sector when it comes to subscription boxes. We’ve investigated many of the popular ones to provide you only with the best quality options. We’ll showcase clothing for men with various lifestyles and hobbies.

Basic MAN logo

With the subscription from Basic MAN, you get a new pair of boxer briefs, a t-shirt, and a couple of socks each month. The clothing is made of high-quality fabric that is comfortable and moisture-wicking. This box is only twenty dollars a month and packs a big punch for that price.

gentlemen's box

For the guy who enjoys accessorizing, this subscription box fits the bill. Gentlemen’s Box sends out ties, socks, wallets, cufflinks, sunglasses, grooming products, and more. You can expect to pay twenty five dollars a month for the classic subscription, which means receiving four to six premium curated wardrobe accessories in your mail each month.

Menlo House Club Logo

Menlo House is a curated clothing subscription that takes your partialities and style into account. Each month you get two or more clothing items designed to fit your clothing favorites. To join, you just need to fill out a short survey about size, style, and fit preferences. Every month, for sixty dollars, you’ll get at least two new clothing items. You also gain the ability to make exchanges, and shipping is entirely free.


If the guy in your life has some underwear that seems like it could be from last decade, MeUndies can take care of the problem. A subscription is only sixteen dollars a month and brings with it a colorful new pair of underwear in briefs, trunks, boxers, or boxer briefs.

man and woman in a hammock smiling

There’s a little room for customization, but other than that, all the company needs to know is the proper size. Each month will bring a soft new pair of undies with no-chafe stitching.

Pub Shirt Club Logo

This is a monthly t-shirt subscription with a twist. Every t-shirt that reaches your door will be from a pub in Ireland. You can choose from men’s classic or vintage styles and expect a custom shirt from Pub Shirt Club. After the t-shirt has been featured on the club, the t-shirt is retired from the club. That means you will never receive a repeat of a shirt you already have.

Say It With a Sock
Say It With a Sock

For only twelve dollars a month, Say It With a Sock delivers name brand socks in bold and colorful patterns to your mailbox. You prepay for either six months or a year, and then choose the styles you enjoy the most. If you aren’t happy with the socks that come in your box, the company will send out a replacement pair with no questions asked.

Short Par 4

The golf aficionados out there will likely be pleasantly surprised with a box from Short Par 4. This box offers brand name golf apparel curated for the individual. You take a simple quiz about your sizes and style so the stylists can choose the best options.  You can expect to see brands like Callaway, Under Armour, and Puma at prices well below retail. Boxes start at forty five dollars and go up.

Under Armour’s ArmourBox

For guys who enjoy sports and athletics, this box by Under Armour may be a winning choice. You can customize the box based on specific sports or fitness, such as golf or running, as well as personal style. One of the perks of this box is that anything that the recipient doesn’t like can be sent back. You only pay for what you decide to keep. The ArmourBox starts at twenty eight dollars a month.

Hobby Subscription Boxes

Every guy must have some hobbies, whether they include going out to the golf course every weekend or spending the night playing video games or watching Netflix. We tried to give a taste of many different hobbies so you can find something you or the man in your life will appreciate.

BattlBox Logo

BattlBox is a subscription service for those who appreciate survival and tactical gear. Past boxes have included a self-defense box, repair anything box, hunt to survive box, and a zombie box. The last came with zombie tinder, a zombie paracord bead, zombie survival sardine can, zombie survival energy drink, and a couple of zombie patches. The boxes range in price but start at twenty five dollars and come every month.

Book of the Month Club

If your guy is a reader, Book of the Month Club is a must. Every month, the company chooses five selections. You decide which book sounds the most interesting and it’s shipped off to you, sometimes with a small gift.

books from Book of the Month Club

The box is fifteen dollars a month, but you can add additional reading material for ten bucks each. You can skip any month you like, and every month you get free shipping.

Finders Seekers Mysteries

The Finders Seekers Mysteries box is a monthly subscription for anyone who loves true crime. It allows the recipient to take on the role of a detective and solve puzzles, codes, and cryptic messages. If you manage to complete the mystery of the month, you can enter your contact information and be in the running for a prize. This box starts at thirty dollars a month and is excellent for a crime buff you know.

The Handy Box

Anyone who appreciates DIY will likely enjoy the Handy Box. Prices start at thirty six dollars, and the box includes tools and gadgets meant to help with completing projects. As an example, one of the older boxes came with a multi-function hand tool kit, laser-guided level, glue guns and glue sticks, and a compact aluminum flashlight and the appropriate batteries. In addition to offering a subscription, you can also buy tools on the site in the traditional way.

Loot Crate Logo

For the guy who appreciates cartoons, comics, movies, or gaming, Lootcrate is an affordable box that will bring fun on a monthly basis. The traditional box is twenty dollars a month and has a new theme each time. The contents include four or more pop culture items, including licensed collectibles, clothing, and figures. Every crate comes with a t-shirt. You might find items like a reprint of Action Comics #1, a Stranger Things t-shirt, or a metal figure of Wolverine.

Mystery Tackle Box

If your man is into fishing, Mystery Tackle Box is an inexpensive subscription box that will be loved. The box comes with tackle and lures, some of which are limited edition. You also get access to contests and videos, as well as discounts on retail fishing gear. The boxes start at seventeen dollars a month, and there is even a special box for new fisherman.

The Nomadik

This is an unusual box that is designed for the thrill seeker who enjoys the outdoors. The Nomadik boxes start at thirty dollars and each month have a unique theme. Some of the items that may be in your box include utility pouches, backpacks, hammocks, multi-tools, skin repair items, water purifying products, snacks, and water bottle. There is also an adventure challenge each month. If you participate, you can win up to one hundred dollars in gear.

Sports Crate

There are tons of sports lovers out there, and Sports Crate takes up the slack in the market by offering team-specific items for its subscribers. Boxes start at only thirty dollars and include brands like Tervis, Stance, Mitchell & Ness, and more. There’s even a chance to win special prizes. Each box also features offers from the sports team of your choice.

Vinyl Me Please

This subscription box is for the vinyl lovers out there who appreciate music in the old school format. It starts at twenty five dollars a month and includes one vinyl record, an art print, and a cocktail recipe to pair with that month’s music. The records from Vinyl Me Please aren’t available anywhere else and include custom artwork, lyric books, and personal notes from the artist. You can also customize your membership, so you get more of the music you like and less that you don’t care for.

Food & Beverage Subscription Boxes

Everyone loves to eat, men no less than others. There are a few subscription boxes that cater to the specific tastes of men. We’ll look at those, as well as boxes that provide a selection of premium beverages. Some of the boxes are fully made and ready to enjoy while others offer components to do your own cooking. You can expect everything from memorabilia to collectibles and team gear you won’t find anywhere else.

Bean Box Logo

This is a box for the man who loves his coffee. Every Bean Box will come with four bags of whole bean coffee from small-batch roasters located in Seattle. You’ll also get roaster profiles, tasting notes, brewing tips, and an extra treat.

Bean Box Co products

You can customize your subscription to choose a specific roast. This fantastic java box will cost you nineteen dollars or more a month, depending on your selections.

ButcherBox products

For the guy who loves to grill or cook fantastic meats, ButcherBox is an outstanding option. Each month you pay one hundred twenty nine dollars, and in return, you’re shipped eight to 10 pounds of organic chicken, grass-fed beef, and high-quality pork. Your package also includes recipes and tips and tricks for cooking the meat.

Freshly Logo

If you or the man in your life enjoys eating healthy but isn’t a fan of the actual cooking, Freshly can take care of the tedious part. The company will send you healthy, chef-prepared gourmet meals each week. Every meal is made without sugar, gluten, or artificial ingredients. The meals cost about ten dollars each. Some of the options include steak peppercorn, buffalo chicken breast, veggie baked penne, Denver omelet, and berry porridge.

Grill Master’s Club
Grill Master’s Club

This box is straight out of Jacksonville and is available to help you become a master griller. Each month you will receive a box containing wood chips, rubs, sauces, and marinades, along with grilling accessories. You’ll be ready to light up the grill every time you find it in your mailbox. The Grill Master’s Club box costs twenty eight dollars a month.

Jerky Snob

Jerky is one of those foods that is healthy but tastes like a real treat. When you order a subscription from Jerky Snob, you can get two bags, a half-pound or a full pound, of jerky each month. The jerky is made without nitrates, nitrites, MSG, or high-fructose corn syrup. Depending on the option you choose, the boxes start at fifteen dollars a month. Some of the jerkies you might receive include teriyaki, cheddar and beef, and spiced honey.

Mantry Logo

If you or your significant other is a foodie, Mantry is a dream. This box comes in once every two months and features six full-sized artisanal food products. It’s a fantastic way to try new food without going out there and purchasing it on your own. Each box revolves around a theme, such as “pizza party” or “bourbon BBQ.” These boxes start at only fifty nine dollars every two months.

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

If you, or the guy in your life, is a beer lover, the Microbrewer Beer of the Month Club could be a fantastic fit. The subscription arrives every month and comes loaded with 12 handcrafted beers from various microbreweries. Also included is a newsletter with information on each beer along with suggested food pairings.

Taster’s Club

For those who enjoy whiskey, bourbon, or gin, Taster’s Club offers a subscription service like no other. Every month you get a 750ml bottle of your choice of alcohol from the ones listed, as well as spirits such as tequila and scotch and a guide that holds tips for tasting, evaluating, and producing your favorite spirit. This box is sixty nine dollars a month and features exclusive releases you’ll find nowhere else.

Hygiene & Health Subscription Boxes

Everyone needs hygiene products but heading to the store and picking them up can be a hassle. That’s okay because there are now subscription boxes that bring these necessities right to your home. Everything from razers to skin care products and fragrances for men are represented and can ship to your home each month. We’ll also list a few health boxes here for those who want fitness items in the mail.


BirchboxMan offers a box full of grooming items customized to your needs and taste. You’ll receive four sample-sized grooming items, such as shaving cream or cologne, along with an accessory or gadget. In addition, there is a vast assortment of items for sale in the Birchbox shop, along with a discount for having a subscription.

Dollar Shave Club

Most of you have probably heard of Dollar Shave Club, which goes to show the reach it has, even for people who don’t use subscription boxes. The first box you order is five dollars and comes with a razor, razor cartridges, and shave butter. Every month thereafter comes with more cartridges and shave butter. You can also add on aftershave and other items for an extra charge. You also can choose how often a subscription shows up.

Men’s Health Box

While we placed this box under health, the subscription offers various products in different areas. There are health items, such as protein powders, workout accessories, and healthy snacks, but there are also lifestyle items like body wash and socks. It’s more of a catch-all box for someone who wants to try a handful of new things all at once. The Men’s Health Box, from Men’s Health magazine, costs ninety dollars on a quarterly basis or you can pay upfront for a year at three hundred sixty dollars.

Scentbird Men

If the special guy in your life likes to switch up fragrances on a regular basis, Scentbird is an affordable alternative to buying expensive bottled colognes. Every month, you can choose from over 150 designer fragrances to have delivered to your home. When the next month comes around, you can stick with that fragrance or switch it to something new.


This box is designed to meet the needs of men who run. For fifteen dollars a month, you get a monthly delivery of gear, nutrition products, and accessories to incorporate into your training and races. Stridebox delivers an assortment of full-size and sample goods from a variety of companies. It’s a great motivational box for both aspiring runners and those who have been hitting the pavement for years.

Wet Shave Club

For men who eschew cartridge shaving and prefer wet shaving, we don’t want to leave you out. Wet Shave Club offers the products you need at a great price, starting at only twenty nine dollars a month. You get razors each month, but that’s not all. Your first box contains 10 blades, an aftershave, instruction card, and a few extra grooming gifts. You also get a chrome razer and a high-quality shaving brush.


In this article, we went over 31 of the best subscriptions boxes for men. We looked at clothing, food, hobbies, health, and more so you can easily choose the right subscription box for your needs. We’d love to hear if this list helped you or if you have favorite subscription boxes for men of your own.


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