Top 9 Men’s Grooming Boxes – Ratings, Reviews, and Pricing

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Best Subscription Grooming Boxes for Men

Here are the ten best subscription beard, shaving and grooming boxes for men, listed with the service with best overall rating first. We also include basic information about the companies and products to give you a sense of which service will be right for you.



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The best-known subscription box on our list, Dollar Shave Club has witty promos on social media and a good service to back up the claims. There are three blade plans to choose from, and the first month, customers receive a shaver handle and three heads.

Michael Dubin founded Dollar Shave Club in 2011, making it the first subscription shaving box service and the inspiration for similar companies that popped up over the next few years. Unilever bought DSC in 2016.

Subscribers like the convenience of receiving blades in the mail, as it’s easy to forget razor blades when you make your weekly trip to the grocery store or drugstore. As the name implies, Dollar Shave Club is the thriftiest subscription shaving service. In addition to razors, they offer a wide selection of skincare, hairstyling, oral care, shower and shave products.

Dollar Shave Club was the first shaving subscription box service of its kind, and overall, it’s still the best. Reviewers don’t find much wrong with the service, except the fact that DSC razors don’t work well with outside products. And the customer service is exemplary, according to most sources. DSC gets one of our highest ratings.

Who Should Try It: Any guy who wants high-quality blades and grooming supplies at a discount.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Cost: starting at $1

BirchBoxMan offers men’s grooming supplies, and it’s the counterpart to BirchBox’s  cosmetic box service for women. BirchBox founders Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp started BirchBoxMan, a subscription grooming kit service for men, in 2012.

BirchBoxMan offers a wide selection of men's grooming products and has a customization feature, so you don't have to worry about getting items that aren't right for you. The company also includes tech, apparel, and lifestyle items in their boxes.

This service is a great choice if you like to sample upscale grooming brands. The Grooming Profile/customization feature allows you to get products geared to your skin types and interests. Online reviewers praise the product choices and customization features. The no return/refund policy and lack of international shipping are the only downers.  

Who Should Try It: Any man who likes to try our luxury grooming items and trendy accessories.  

Overall Rating: 9/10

Cost: starting at $20 monthly

Gentleman’s Box offers a monthly subscription service featuring clothing, accessories, tech and lifestyle items. The company was co-founded in the spring of 2014 by John Haji in Detroit, Michigan and still has headquarters in Oakland County, Michigan near Detroit.

Customers and experts agree that Gentlemen's Box has carefully curated, high-quality products. Boxes contain five items like leather belts, silk ties, and sunglasses. Cards with advice on how to use or pair items are included in most boxes. Reviewers like the gift package service, which is perfect for groomsmen. You can also buy boxes on a one-time basis. You can buy a "Mystery Box" at a reduced price with high-quality items to accompany your first box.

There's no preference form to fill out when you join, so all subscribers receive the same box. The lack of customization doesn't detract from the overall quality of the boxes, as most men can use almost all the items. The quality of items in all boxes, the Mystery Boxes, and fast delivery are a few of the reasons we give Gentleman's Box a high overall rating.

Who Should Try It: Men who want to learn more about fashion accessories and how to wear them; any man who wants to dress like a gentleman.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Cost: starting at $25 per subscription box

Harry’s Razor subscription boxes contain low-cost razors and grooming supplies. The company has a trial service, which lets you sample a razor and shave gel. If you like the products, you can sign up for a shave plan.

Founded by college friends Jeff Raider & Andy Katz-Mayfield in 2013, New York-based Harry's Razors cost considerably less than comparable store brands.

All Harry’s razors are manufactured in their factory in Germany to maintain quality control.  You can purchase starter sets, shaving supplies and accessories separately via their online store.

Harry’s has a lot of pluses beyond selling quality shaving boxes. None of their products are tested on animals, and their products are sold at Target stores and Target Online. You can order boxes on an as-needed basis instead of signing up for a subscription plan, and you can easily modify or cancel a plan online.

Harry’s ships to the U.S. and Canada only. There’s free shipping on any order over $10.

Most customers praise the blades as high-quality, although others rate them on a par with disposable blades. Harry’s has excellent customer service and gives one percent of its profits to charity. The company has 2 million customers come back for more, which is one of the best “reviews” a company can receive. Based on this and its high-quality razors, we give Harry’s a high overall rating.

Who Should Try It: Men who want a high-quality razor for less than a store brand.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Cost: Starting at $3 (trial set)

Quip differs from the other subscription box services on this list because it offers a compact electric toothbrush and replacement brush heads instead of grooming items.  Time Magazine called the small, slender toothbrush “one of the best inventions of 2016”. The company was founded in Brooklyn by Bill May and Simon Enever.

Subscription boxes come with Quip's anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste and replacement brush heads. You have your chance of a single electric toothbrush or a couple or family set with replacement heads sent three times a year. Manual toothbrushes are made with plastic handles and replacement heads are sent every three months for $5.

Instead of paying as you go, you can prepay for your first years of supplies to save money. The company offers a 30-day refund policy if you don’t like the brush for any reason.   

Reviewers don’t like the fact that Quip brushes use rechargeable batteries, but other than that, most people seem satisfied with the product. A few people stated it didn’t work for their dental problems. Like shaving, dental care is a highly personal issue, but overall Quip gets a respectable 7 rating from us.

Who Should Try It: Anyone who wants cleaner teeth with less hassle.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Cost: Starting at $25 per brush set/$ five month for refills

The Wet Shave Club was founded in 2013, and purchased by Rohan Gilkes and Kevin Pereira in 2014. The new owners turned it into an up-and-coming men’s shaving subscription box service.

While not as cheap as the Dollar Shave Club or as upscale as BirchBoxMan, Wet Shave Club is an excellent choice for guys who have a moderate amount of money to spend on testing out new shaving and grooming products. Reviews on this service tend to be mixed, with some reviewers claiming the boxes are overpriced for the quality of items you receive while some magazines, like Esquire, praise it. Overall, we think this is a good deal if you don’t mind a box with no customization options.

Who Should Try It: Guys who like to try out new shaving and grooming products.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Cost: Starting at $29.99 per month

Florida-based Ship to Shore provides monthly shaving and grooming boxes for men, with an emphasis on their brand of organic, small-batch products. Men have a choice of curated shaving or beard boxes.

Curated Beard and Grooming boxes may include Small Batch Exfoliating Soap, Ship to Shore Menthol Aftershave Splash and Flying Fox Body Wash. Shaving boxes include cream, blades, shampoo, body wash and similar items from Ship to Shore's all-natural brands and other indie grooming brands. Boxes contained mostly sample sizes, with full sizes are available for one-time purchases from the online store.  You can cancel subscription boxes at any time.

We like Ship to Shore's dedication to creating all-natural products and their no animal testing policy. We couldn't find many online reviews about the service, but the few we did also like the organic products and easy to use website. The company only ships to the U.S. and Canada. Free shipping is only available on orders of $100 or more.

Ship to Shore's dedication to organic products, cancellation policy, and website get high marks. Only the lack of online reviews reduces the final rating

Who Should Try It: Guys who are interested in organic, all-natural grooming and beard products.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Cost: Starting at $20 month for boxes

One of Dollar Shave Club's lesser-known peers, 99centrazor offers a monthly selection of inexpensive razors and men’s grooming products. You have the option of buying blades razors and other items on a subscription or non-subscription basis. Started by Michigan native Max Fara a month after his 18th birthday, the company has been featured in the Washington Times and the Inc. website.

Month-by-month, three month and six-month subscriptions are available, and it’s easy to cancel or change subscriptions. All razors are the company’s own brands, and beard and body items are the Every Man Jack brand. There’s not much of a selection, but users claim the blades are better than the blades you buy in stores.

What 99cent razor lacks in product star power it makes up for in special offers. There's a Choose Your Charity option so you can donate a portion of your order to one of over a dozen charities. They also rang in 2018 with a special free trial offer to new subscribers.

We give 99centrazor a high rating for its excellent razors, low cost, and special promotions. The only downside is its lack of product selection.

Who Should Try It: Men who want to try excellent but inexpensive razors without visiting a retail store.

Overall rating: 7/10 

Cost: Starting at $3.96/subscription

This service started as the Dollar Beard Club, in 2015, but is now officially called the Beard Club. An e-commerce service is known for its brash advertising, Beard Club established in Newport Beach, California by Chris Stoikos and Alex Brown as the beard version of the Dollar Shave Club.  The basic one dollar a month subscription consists of the smallest containers of their brand of beard oil, balm, and other products. You choose reasonably priced items to include in your kit. All items on the site are Beard Club's brand.

You’ll receive beard products and other items in a cardboard box with shredded stuffing. Most boxes contain up to 11 items, many of them so small it may take a while to locate them.

We like most of the products Beard Club offers, as do customers and experts. The company’s website is confusing to many users, according to reviews, and we found it to be passable, but not as straightforward as most other sites. Facebook reviews indicate their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. We give Beard Club high marks for their products and shipping, a passing grade for presentation and barely passing for customer service for an overall grade of six.

  • Who Should Try it: 
  • Overall rating: 6/10
  • Cost: 

Who Should Try It: Any guy who wants a well-groomed beard

Overall Rating: 6/10

Cost: Starting at $1

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