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What are you waiting for? Really set dinner off on the right path with hand-selected wines that are sure to grab attention. Of course you may not have thought of mail-order wine until now, but let’s just say you’re in for quite the trip.

During their earlier days, they used to be only for those with deeper pockets than most. Thanks to the folks who made Lot18 possible, this is no longer the case. In fact, they take it to a higher level of customization than you may have even thought to be possible.

For as little as $10 you can have top-quality wine delivered right to your front door on a recurring basis. Whether you drink a little wine every now and then, or you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ll find that Lot18 will send a package that’s just right for your needs. Of course this can’t go without being proven, which is why we reviewed every detail of Tasting Room for you below.

What Makes Tasting Room Unique?

You’ll find that this wine membership is formally referred to as "Tasting Room by Lot18", and it’s not just the name that’s fancy either. Every bottle of wine that passes through the Lot18 doors is of a high quality that sets it apart from cheaper wines. Mix in the custom-tailored experience and you have a win in the world of wine membership clubs. 

Check out some of our favorite things about Tasting Room by Lot18 and see whether or not they could enhance your life as well.

  • A founding member of wine membership clubs, and it shows.
    When the Tasting Room by Lot18 launched, it was considered the first-ever of its kind and they have clearly not taken their success for granted. They take the time to build a concept that fits you the best while allowing you to “set and forget” your wine deliveries.
  • Custom-tailored jeans, but why not custom-tailored wine?
    While we just broke the ice in terms of the level of customization provided by Lot18, it’s only fair we take a minute to express our impression. From the initial taste they send out to the ways they continue to refine your taste, they make a box clearly JUST FOR YOU.
  • Embrace a plentiful supply.
    After your initial review of the 6 wines they sent you, they’ll start your shipments that occur every 3 months. What you’ll receive is a dozen bottles of wine based off of your “flavor profile.” This ensures that you don’t run dry when it comes to exquisite wine you can bring out for company.
  • Sacrificing Quality Isn’t An Option
    Tasting Room employs wine aficionados to help them deliver the best wine at the most affordable prices. A goal that they have kept in mind as they continue to be a fast-growing wine membership club. While many may serve a cheaper product to have a cheaper cost, not Tasting Room.
  • Your satisfaction is clearly their primary focus.
    Lot18 has been attentive when it comes to their customers reaching out. Not only do they go to great lengths in providing a customized experience, they work hard to provide support as well. You don’t have to worry, they operate like a true company should.


  • Attentive & Driven Team
  • Customized Selection
  • Front Door Delivery
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    High Quality Wine
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    Proven Industry Leader


  • Free S&H Not Available
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    Not a Monthly Delivery

How The Signup Process Works

One thing about the Tasting Room Wine Club is that they like to keep things simple. This just seems to be the Lot18 way of life, and there’s no arguments coming from this direction.

  • Sign up, pay your introductory fee, and get your minis!
    You will pay a significantly lower amount the first time around as you’re getting smaller bottles than you get during your regular shipment. The purpose of this is to give your wine profile a good foundation to start from.
  • Rate the wines you received, and get your first full shipment.
    Once you have had time to taste your mini-bottles and form a solid opinion, it’s time to set it in stone. Go to the Lot18 website and give your own review. Then based on your response, they’ll get your first box together and in the mail.
  • Every 3rd month, unwrap your freshest wine discoveries and be refined!
    As you continue to get your deliveries, don’t forget to continue reviewing what you receive. This will help your selection vary as your taste buds grow and become favorable to certain types of wine.

Pricing and Value

If you think about it, pitching in as little as it costs for a cup of coffee everyday will ensure fresh shipments of wine dropped off on your doorstep. The regular cost is $149 plus $19.99 for shipping and handling every 3 months. This amounts to less than $2 per day.

While it is on the higher end when compared to other recurring expenses, it’s a value for anything of its kind. Not to mention, you’re not going to be the victim of a low-end wine club that sacrifices quality for the sake of a cheaper price tag. You definitely seem to get what you pay for.

The startup cost is significantly low as well, beaming a price tag of only $10.

Public Perception (Other Tasting Room Reviews)

While you’ll find that those wanting a true wine club membership are happy with the offering over at Lot18, there’s still seems to be a stir in feathers among the bunch. That’s the fact that recurring costs are automatically billed, so make sure you've read the agreement to avoid any surprises. 

The one thing that stands out when it comes to the public perception of this particular wine club is that it’s rated better than most. This means that their dedication to customer service seems to be leaving a lasting impression for many, even if some might not like the automatic charges.

How It Compares

Most wine clubs only send a certain selection they’ve already picked out for their members. Customization wasn’t given much thought until Lot18 decided to design their own wine subscription that is centered on customization. Now you have the power to get a fully-customized wine shipment sent straight to you without having to worry about getting a bottle that’ll only collect dust.

In terms of pricing, they do have middle of the park pricing when looking at the average costs associated with a wine club membership. However, they do send out a dozen bottles quarterly and the quality of the wine is decent. With that in mind, it’s definitely holding its ground in the market.

One more thing. Lot18 has invested and improved upon its technology to ensure that it has what its competition doesn’t. One piece of solid proof is WinePrint technology, which you can read more about in the next section if you haven’t heard of it before.


Can I cancel at any time?

How does the wine profile work?

How is wine selection done for the Tasting Room?

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

What is WinePrint technology?

Is It Right For Me?

If you cherish a fresh taste of wine and want the ability to have it on hand for those occasions when you need a glass, this is for you. However, if wine is only something you drink once in a blue moon you’d probably find that it’s an unnecessary expense. You do get a dozen bottles of wine every 3 months, and it wouldn’t be right to leave it sitting in the basement for years to come.

Review Summary/Overview

Lot18 has taken the world by storm with their signature Tasting Room wine membership club. While it does come with a recurring charge, wine lovers will find that it’s a small price to pay for such an experience. Not to mention, it helps minimize late trips to the wine store.

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