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For a site that bills itself as “your voice + our voice = the voice of change,” Toluna sets high expectations right off the bat. The site functions as an online network that allows products and services to connect with consumers through surveys. 

While the typical survey site forces you to participate in studies and surveys that span the gamut from boring to random, Toluna offers a unique advantage in that it allows you to choose the exact topics you’re interested in participating.

What Makes Inbox Dollars Unique?

As stated previously, Toluna allows you to customize the surveys you can participate in. By avoiding boring subjects you don’t care about, you’ll be able to offer your opinions on a variety of consumer topics that you have a vested interest in learning more about. Toluna also partners with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Disney, CBS, and Sony to name a few.

Pros & Cons


  • Toluna lets you choose the topics you want to learn more about when you take surveys.
  • You may have a higher success rate in qualifying for surveys on Toluna given the large quantity of offers.
  • Even if you don’t qualify for a survey you’ve chosen, Toluna will still enter you into a monthly sweepstakes. Not a bad consolation prize!
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    Toluna gives you three ways to cash in your points: rewards, gifts (called gifties), and sweepstakes.
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    Toluna has a low threshold for redeeming points: only $5 worth of points are needed to begin collecting prizes.
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    You can receive payments in a variety of ways, including PayPal, checks, gift cards, and sweepstakes entries. 
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    You can even donate your earnings to charity directly through the site.


  • As with any survey site, you may not qualify for every single survey. It all depends on your demographics and consumption behaviors.
  • Toluna’s security system can sometimes become a little too aggressive and kick people off the site for bogus reasons. Be sure to contact support if that happens!
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    The points to cash conversion rate may be a bit confusing, so it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not a 1:1 ratio.

How the Signup Process Works

Toluna’s signup process is quite fun to navigate through. You’ll be asked 9 questions about yourself, including:

  • Your first name (this information will not be shared with anyone else except the company).
  • Your last name (this will also not be shared).
  • Your date of birth.
  • Gender.
  • Your email address.
  • Your country of residence. 
  • Your zip/postal code.
  • And, of course, a password.

After you have completed these initial questions, you’ll be ready to g – wait! Not so fast. You have to also complete demographic surveys and answer profile survey questions so that the platform can learn more about you and determine which surveys you should be eligible to participate in.

Overall, Toluna’s signup process doesn’t offer any roadblocks and it’s a relatively seamless registration. 

Ways to Earn Cash

On Toluna, the only way to earn cash is through consumer surveys. Brands want your opinions on a variety of topics, and with a variety of topics from which to choose you’ll be able to earn cash efficiently and quickly through the system. 

Most surveys will require that you invest about 15 to 20 minutes of your time. You’ll also need to answer some questions around your demographic profile to determine your eligibility. The payout for each survey varies, but you can expect anything from $0.50 to a few bucks depending on the exact brand and offer.

How Much Are Points Worth?

Based on the most recent data available on Toluna’s points system, 3,000 points equals $1. Most surveys offer points from 1 to 4,000, with the higher end often being rarer than the lower end.

3,000 points



Payment Options

After completing surveys on Toluna and earning enough points to cash out, you can collect on your earnings in one of three different ways:


Toluna offers many dozens of gift cards from which to choose. These gift cards include big box retailers and fast casual dining choices like Starbucks. Want some extra spending money on Amazon for a birthday coming up? You’ll have the option to pick an Amazon gift card payout. 


Cash is king, and Toluna offers you two ways to receive a cash payout: PayPal and checks. For ease of transfer, PayPal is recommended. If you want the enjoyment of holding a physical check in your hands as proof of your ability to earn income on the side from your couch in your pajamas, that’s an option, too.


A sweepstakes gives you the chance to earn a grand prize during random selection. With 500 points in hand, you can earn an entry into Toluna’s monthly drawing. Past prizes have included $4,500 in cash and a fancy new television.


Last – but not least – are gifties. These are virtual presents that you can buy with points. According to Toluna: “for each virtual good that you purchase, you have a chance to win the real object represented by the virtual good.” In other words, you’re buying a lottery ticket, but you get to choose the exact prize you’ll receive. 

Public Perception (Other Toluna Reviews)

The types of complaints that some Toluna users have revolve around the number of hours necessary to earn a significant payout. However, Toluna isn’t the only survey site on the market to have this issue. Every survey site suffers from the same basic dilemma: Paying out small commissions on completed surveys. 

To make up for this, users invest significant amounts of time into the site to reach the threshold payment. On average, users were happy with the speedy payouts after crossing the threshold and the myriad of ways to cash out their earnings. 

Some users have also reported slow payouts on some transactions, especially for high dollar amounts. This problem seems to come up with payouts that are over $100 – probably because of fraud checks that are put in place by Toluna and other survey companies to prevent nefarious individuals from illegitimately cashing out their earnings.

Toluna vs The Competition

The main difference between Toluna and competitors like Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks is the types of offers available for members to complete. On Toluna, you’re limited to surveys as your sole source of income. Inbox Dollars offers video tasks, games to play, and more. Otherwise, Toluna doesn’t markedly differ from its competitors with respect to payouts and rewards.

Toluna Hacks

When you think of Toluna hacks, your mind probably immediately jumps to thoughts of “hacking the system” and spoofing the profile surveys. Rest assured that if you attempt to spoof these important surveys there will be a percentage probability that you are detected and removed from the Toluna network. 

The real hacks you should be focused on include the following:

  • Develop a daily routine: By having a set schedule for when you’ll complete surveys, you’ll avoid the many problems of burnout and boredom that come with working on surveys for too long. Make sure that you have time set away each day to work on surveys as well as break times. Don’t neglect your personal life just to make a few extra bucks!  
  • Pace yourself: As stated previously, you’ll want to pace yourself given the repetitive nature of these surveys. It’s easy to get burned out when you’re constantly working on surveys and avoiding activities that you find pleasurable, whether that’s taking a nice walk or having a beer with friends. Pace yourself – those surveys will be there tomorrow, too. 
  • Set a monetary goal to achieve: A great way to stay motivated on your quest is to set a financial goal that you want to achieve. Maybe you want to set up an emergency fund for your personal finances – say, $400. That might take you a while to get to, but since you’re working on surveys in your spare time this is a very fair goal that will help you achieve what you want most in your life now. Maybe you also just want a little extra money for your next vacation! Whatever your goal might be, having one in mind will keep you motivated as you complete surveys and earn cash.
  • Don’t get burned out: Most importantly, you’ll want to avoid getting burned out. The best way to avoid burnout when it comes to taking surveys online is to take breaks.


How Much Are Toluna Points Worth?

How Do You Redeem Toluna Points?

How Does Toluna Work?

How Can I Get More Surveys on Toluna?

What Countries Is Toluna Offered In?

If you have any other questions about Toluna, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below – we’ll be sure to check it out and let you know!

Is It Right for Me?

Toluna is right for you if you have the patience to complete profile surveys as well as time to devote to completing a variety of surveys covering different topics. You will need to be patient as you move through the process since it’s time-consuming and somewhat random given the demographic requirements that surveys often have in their pre-qualification stage.

Deals and Coupons

At the moment, there aren’t any major deals or coupons running for Toluna. Historically, there was a signup bonus, but it appears that this offer is no longer running for new members. Nonetheless, there are plenty of opportunities to earn points and cash rewards by completing surveys and offering your opinions to the world’s biggest brands.

Review Summary

Is Toluna legit? Ultimately, the answer is yes. The company is a legitimate consumer research firm that connects brands to consumers through a variety of means, including paid surveys and opinion polls. As to whether or not Toluna is right for you and your lifestyle, only you can answer that question. 

In determining whether or not Toluna is right for you, you should consider the amount of spare time you have available to complete surveys. Remember that each survey will take at least 20 minutes to complete, meaning that you may able to earn more by moving faster. 

To sum it up, Toluna is a great site that offers you a quick and easy way to begin earning cash by completing surveys.


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