A Guide to the Top Ashwagandha Supplements

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Ashwagandha is an herb that can be traced back to the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine. From its earliest days to modern usage, ashwagandha has served a wide range of medical purposes. Recent years have seen a spike in popularity for ashwagandha supplements. If you are curious about this root and what it can offer your sense of health and wellness, now is the time to start exploring the details. By examining some of the more popular brands on the market, you can learn a great deal about the benefits of this supplement and other pertinent information.

The History of Ashwagandha

As mentioned, ashwagandha can be traced back to Indian Ayurvedic medicine. This system of medicine is one of the oldest in the world, originating over 3,000 years ago in India. Though the practice came into being at a time when herbal medicine was the primary way to treat illness, the advent of evidence-based medical science was welcomed by the academic minds of India. Over the centuries, scientists, researchers, and medical professionals alike have dedicated a large amount of time to studying the effects of various herbs and supplements from Ayurvedic medicine.

Ashwagandha is one of the more popular herbs used in Indian Ayurvedic tradition. Known also by its scientific name of Withania somnifera, ashwagandha was originally used as a way of calming people who were plagued by anxiety and stress. Due to how much research has gone into ashwagandha in recent years, a number of other benefits of this root have been revealed. Check out the top brands of ashwagandha supplements to learn a bit more about how this herb might be able to improve the way you feel.

The Top Five Brands of
Ashwagandha Supplements

Gaia Herb​​​​s Ashwagandha

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Best Brand To Calm Nerves

To kick off the list, we have Gaia Herbs, considered by many consumers to be a trusted name when it comes to herbal supplements. These ashwagandha root liquid capsules contain about 250 mg per serving, which is roughly mid-level when compared to the dosages of similar products released by other brands. This particular dosage of ashwagandha is ideal for those who have a difficult time dealing with high-stress situations or are prone to anxiety problems. If you feel easily overwhelmed by social situations or large crowds, then this supplement might be a good pick.

Ashwagandha’s nerve-related benefits are highlighted by Gaia Herbs Liquid Capsules. The capsules specifically target both nerve functions and immune system performance. By balancing your hormone levels with the help of ashwagandha, you are likely to feel like the edge has been taken off your day. When anxious thoughts are keeping you awake at night, try taking one of these capsules before bed. The relaxing properties of the supplement can aid you in combating insomnia, putting your mind at ease, and allowing you the ability to get the rest you need to face your day.

Nature’s Way Ashwagandha

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Best Brand for Restoring Mental Homeostasis

In order for your body to function, it is important for it to achieve physiological homeostasis. This means all of your systems are balanced and working as intended. Mental homeostasis is also important, as it can be quite easy for the functions of your mind to become overloaded from a surplus of stimuli. Nature’s Way Standardized Ashwagandha Capsules are an excellent pick when you need to assist your mental faculties with finding a balance. Ashwagandha is known for its adaptogenic effects, and these capsules provide a perfect example of this.

When your mind is constantly running with too many conflicting thoughts, this can have a negative impact on both your mental state and your physical wellness. The stress in your mind can easily manifest itself in intense headaches and other pains. By taking this ashwagandha capsule to help your mind find a natural state of balance, you are likely to notice a decrease in the frequency of headaches or other stress-related pains you experience.

A stressed mind is also a large cause of irritability in most people. Consumers who have taken Nature’s Way ashwagandha supplements to help restore hormone imbalance have reported dramatic changes in how annoyed they get at little disturbances in their lives. When you feel like you are ready to lose your cool over each small problem that comes your way, take a look at how this supplement can change your mood.

Himalaya Organic Ashwagandha

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Best Brand for Energy Boosts

Most people need help with staying awake and alert throughout the course of the day. Usually, this means reaching for a caffeinated beverage like coffee, tea, or soda. While these drinks all help to increase energy levels, caffeine can also exacerbate feelings of nervousness and cause additional stress to be placed on your cardiovascular system. Since you want to keep your heart healthy and your mood stable, using a supplement like Himalaya Organic Ashwagandha can be a useful alternative to caffeine for increasing your energy.

Sluggish feelings that persist throughout the day can often be traced back to a number of different sources. For some, being tired can be the direct result of a slight imbalance in hormones. People who do not receive enough melatonin, for example, have difficulty sleeping and often feel slow or hazy throughout the day. By taking advantage of the adaptogenic effects of this ashwagandha supplement by Himalaya Organic, you can give your body the chance to find balance again.

Within a few weeks of taking this supplement, you are likely to start feeling more energized throughout your day without the need for coffee, energy drinks, or anything else that might get your heart racing faster than you’d prefer. Should your energy levels continue to feel low after using this product, you might want to consult with a physician to discuss the exact cause of the problem.

Solaray Ashwagandha Extract

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Best Brand for Dealing With Panic Attacks

Ashwagandha is consistently used by those who are looking to feel less stressed in life. Of course, stress can come back to haunt you in many ways. For some, anxiety grips the mind and body in the form of a panic attack. While all people can be subject to this type of health problem, some are more susceptible to these attacks than others. It seems Solaray took this into account when devising the specific dosage for its supplement. The 470 mg dosage found in each capsule of Solaray Ashwagandha Extract can be helpful to those with mild anxiety.

When you know you will be heading into a high-stress situation, taking this supplement can be a wise move. If you know a family reunion or big meeting with a client is likely to bring about a panic attack that you would rather avoid, the calming effects of ashwagandha released with this capsule might be able to stave off the attack. Life can be stressful, but that does not mean you have to let your anxiety prevent you from fully enjoying yourself in a variety of scenarios.

While this product has been shown to help many handle panic attacks, those who suffer from more severe anxiety might be let down by the dosage. Still, it can be a great herbal supplement for those who get bad anxiety every so often and do not wish for stress levels to shoot through the roof during important events.

Jarrow Formulas Ashwagandha

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Best Brand for Your Budget

Sometimes, you want to use a supplement but you don’t want to spend a small fortune on it. You never know if all the hype is going to prove true, and grabbing the most expensive capsules on the market might leave you with buyer’s remorse. For those curious to try ashwagandha without sinking a ton of cash into the venture, Jarrow Formulas might be the brand for you. With a sensible dosage and affordable price tag, this supplement is a nice fit for the skeptical and frugal alike.

Jarrow Formulas Ashwagandha contains 300 mg per cap, which is a mid-level dosage that can help with fatigue. When your body is dealing with imbalances, it is not producing the correct levels of hormones you need to feel rested. This can lead to sleepless nights and days where you are unable to break free of feelings of exhaustion. By taking one or two of the capsules by Jarrow Formulas each day, you are allowing your body to feel the positive adaptogenic effects of ashwagandha.

The beauty of this product is that it comes at a very affordable cost without sacrificing quality. If you are interested in trying ashwagandha but do not want to break the bank in the process, then this is an excellent option. Though larger-bottle options are available through this brand, the smaller bottles tend to have the most positive response from consumers due to the low cost and impressive results.

General Information on Recommended Dosage of Ashwagandha

Since ashwagandha supplements come in powders, capsules, and extracts, the exact recommended dosage will vary depending on the product you use. A few general rules to follow:

  • Ashwagandha powder: 1–2 teaspoons each day
  • Ashwagandha extract: 600–1200 mg each day
  • Ashwagandha capsules (estimated strength of 250 mg per capsule): one or two capsules each day; three might be appropriate in some specific situations

Capsules should be taken with food or a glass of water, especially for those who have somewhat sensitive stomachs. It is very important to note that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take this supplement. If you have any specific medical conditions or are currently taking prescription or over-the-counter items, be sure to consult with your doctor before taking any supplements.

10 Common Benefits Of Ashwaganda

Regardless of which supplement you select, ashwagandha can prove to be useful for your health. There are a number of impressive benefits you can expect when exploring the power of ashwagandha.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Since it was first used in India thousands of years ago, ashwagandha has been used to treat people who are dealing with high levels of stress. There have been countless participant-based studies on how ashwagandha aids the processes of the nervous system, and the results have been largely positive. The findings of these studies state that participants generally expressed a significant decrease in the symptoms of anxiety.

Reduce Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a very serious problem for people all over the world. For the most part, diabetes is caused by the body struggling with high or low levels of blood sugar. Though the supplement is not a cure for diabetes, medical research involving ashwagandha has revealed some interesting findings. In one study, ashwagandha was shown to help lower blood sugar levels in participants who were living with diabetes as well as healthy individuals who were not at immediate risk of developing the disease. Another study on patients with type 2 diabetes indicated ashwagandha was as effective in treatment as certain medications.

Control Cortisol Levels

Stress is not only problematic for your mind. When your anxiety level shoots up, it causes a spike in cortisol, which your body naturally releases in stressful situations. Unfortunately, cortisol is also released during certain digestive functions. If cortisol levels remain high for consistent periods, it can lead to the body storing extra fat and cause unhealthy weight gain. By taking ashwagandha for your stress, you are able to control your cortisol levels and prevent your anxiety from causing physical complications.

Increase Testosterone

For men, an imbalance of testosterone can lead to some more serious health problems. When testosterone levels are low, a man is much more likely to have difficulty conceiving a child. For healthy, mobile sperm, testosterone must be present in the system at a specific percentage. Ashwagandha has been proven in several studies to have a direct impact on testosterone-related issues. In one study of men dealing with infertility problems, participants who were given ashwagandha were revealed to have higher sperm counts after the supplement was in their systems for a few weeks.

Feel Less Depressed

Living with depression can be a huge obstacle in your life. When you are depressed, you are far less likely to take part in social situations, practice self-care, or find joy in activities you normally love. Ashwagandha was shown to have a very positive impact in a study of people with moderate-to-severe depression. The results stated a daily dose of 600 mg was able to reduce depression symptoms in nearly 80 percent of participants.

Bulk Up

Hitting the gym is a priority for many people. When you want to improve your physical fitness, you are probably trying to either slim down or bulk up. If you want to gain muscle mass, ashwagandha might be the perfect fit. One study conducted on men taking roughly 800 mg of the supplement per day showed that participants who regularly engaged in physical exercise were able to increase overall muscle mass and reduce body fat within thirty days.

Strengthen the Body

The same studies conducted on men taking ashwagandha for muscle mass also revealed information related to how the supplement aids overall muscle strength. According to the findings, participants reported improved strength while taking the supplement. This supplement also improves energy levels, and people in this study also indicated they were more productive at the gym than before using ashwagandha.

Soothe and Reduce Inflammation

Inflamed joints can occur for a variety of reasons. Chronic joint pain resulting from inflammation can prevent physical mobility and cause severe distress. Ashwagandha has been shown to be useful in helping the body soothe and reduce inflammation. It is able to do this by assisting the functions of the immune system, specifically aiding the activity of cells that target infections in the body. If you’re living with pain stemming from joint inflammation, ashwagandha might be what your body needs.

Make Your Heart Happy

Findings released each year by organizations like the American Heart Association point out heart disease as the largest cause of death amongst human beings across the planet. To avoid becoming a statistic, you want to focus on keeping your heart happy and healthy. Ashwagandha can aid you in this quest by helping your body in reduce cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of fat being stored unnecessarily due to high cortisol levels.

Stay Sharp

Keeping your mind alert and active can often prove to be a challenge. When you do not feel rested, it can lead to trouble with memory recall. Ashwagandha was originally used in India to both lower stress and improve the functions of the mind. Many studies conducted on this topic have revealed findings that suggest ashwagandha significantly impacts memory in a positive way.

A Few Risks

While there are plenty of benefits to taking ashwagandha, there have also been a few side effects reported by consumers over the years. Most of these effects are conditional and seem to have mostly low-impact consequences. Understanding the specific side effects can help you to make an informed decision on whether taking this supplement is the right move for you.

Too Drowsy

While ashwagandha is a great option for people who are having difficulty sleeping, it can also make a person feel too sleepy. Taking more than the suggested daily dosage of ashwagandha or taking it in conjunction with other medications might increase feelings of drowsiness in a person. If you take ashwagandha along with other mild sedatives like lorazepam, you could be putting yourself in a dangerous position. Be sure to speak with your doctor if you are concerned about using this supplement with any of your normal medications.

Bad Reaction

This might seem like a given, but many people forget to consider allergies before taking a new supplement. Unless you have deliberately taken it before, you are quite unlikely to have ingested this herb in your lifetime. This means you probably do not know if you are going to have an allergic reaction to it. While an ashwagandha allergy is not as common as most nut or fruit allergies, you should still consult with an allergist if you have a sensitive system and want to play it safe.

Feeling Hot

A small number of people who have taken ashwagandha for various reasons over the years have reported developing a fever in the first few weeks of using the supplement. Ashwagandha tends to increase the user’s body temperature. If the person has never taken it before, it can result in a very slight fever for the first few weeks of using it. While the fever will likely go away after the second week, a persisting fever is something to bring to the attention of your doctor.

Pregnant or Nursing

Women who are pregnant or nursing should steer clear of taking ashwagandha. While the herb is not dangerous to human beings, it can have a very negative impact on a developing fetus. In some extreme cases, the root was reported to terminate early pregnancies. Refrain from using any supplements containing this herb until you have completely stopped nursing. While there is no evidence to suggest breastfeeding while taking ashwagandha is bad for the baby, most experts suggest playing it safe.

Stomach Ulcers

People who have stomach ulcers are also advised to stay away from ashwagandha supplements. This root is said to have a negative impact on people who have very sensitive gastrointestinal systems. If you have ulcers or your stomach tends to react poorly to new substances, speak with a physician and learn more about whether you should be taking this supplement.

Consumer Claims

Consumers have had a largely positive response to various ashwagandha supplements. Of the dozens of ashwagandha supplements available through Amazon, a vast majority of the products have mainly favorable reviews. Most report a significant difference in anxiety levels. Some claim to feel less stressed when dealing with social situations or uncomfortable activities like speaking in front of a crowd. Those with severe anxiety also claimed ashwagandha supplements were useful in taking the edge off more stressful moments.

Reports from consumers also state that ashwagandha is an excellent option for aiding with sleep issues. People who suffer from disorders like insomnia found that these supplements had a direct impact on sleep. A number of people who took ashwagandha to get a better night’s sleep stated that they were able to fall asleep by a normal hour, enter REM-cycle sleep and experience vivid dreams, and wake the next day feeling completely refreshed and restored.

Though the response to ashwagandha was largely positive, there were several consumers who shared a different point of view. Some claimed ashwagandha had absolutely no impact on symptoms related to anxiety, stress, or other areas where the supplement is said to work.

Consumer reviews should always be taken with a grain of salt. Since there seem to be more positive, in-depth reviews than negative complaints, it stands to reason the overall impression of ashwagandha amongst consumers is positive.

Final Thoughts

With overwhelming support from consumers and several key studies backing up a majority of claims, it seems like ashwagandha supplements are a safe bet for people who are looking to better handle their anxiety. There are dozens of key benefits to taking the supplement, and most of the risks are conditional or low impact. Whether you want to get better sleep, feel more energized, or lower your odds of a panic attack, the calming properties of ashwagandha might be able to help you along your way.

It is always best to do further research before you start taking a supplement regularly. Certain medications or conditions could interact negatively with the supplement. Consult with a physician to learn more about your options for handling your anxiety. Our content does not constitute a medical consultation. See a certified medical professional for diagnosis.


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