Top Cashback Sites And Their Features: A Comprehensive Guide

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Many people have heard of cashback sites, but not many choose to use them. Some people are suspicious of the free money that these businesses offer, but luckily for you, these websites are both safe and beneficial. Cashback sites can be a great way to save on products that you buy online or in-store. If you want to earn rewards and save money on products you normally buy, a cashback site might be just what you need.

How Most Cashback Sites Work

These types of websites aren’t scams. In fact, the way they work isn’t complicated at all. Many online stores pay cash commissions when you choose to buy products from their store. Cashback sites get paid a percentage of the sale when a product is purchased through the link that takes you to the retailer’s site. Most sites offer an average of a 7% cashback rate.

Users can sign up for a free membership to one of these cashback sites. After logging on, members can click on a link and get directed to a retailer’s website. From there, customers can purchase anything and get rewards from their cashback site.

However, it does take several weeks before you can get your payment. Cashback sites need to confirm your transaction so that they can get the returns approved. The amount of money you get back can depend on a few things:

  • How many items you purchased
  • What cashback offers were going on during the time of purchase
  • The cost of the product you bought

Once everything gets verified, the cashback site will send you a check in the mail or give you some form of reward.

Why You Should Consider Using a Cashback Site

You might not enjoy cutting out coupons from the local newspaper, but you probably don’t mind saving a few bucks whenever you can. Cashback sites allow you to get money back from online purchases with only a few clicks. Online stores such as Amazon are being used more and more, and by using one of these cashback websites, you can save a lot of money on things that you already buy online. Some cashback businesses can even give you rewards for things purchased offline such as eggs, milk, and bread at your local grocery store.

Using a cashback site doesn’t take too much time either. Once you sign up for a free membership, all you do is log on to the website before shopping online. Along with giving rewards for just clicking the link on the cashback site, many of these websites have coupons as well to help you save even more money. With consistency, your rewards can add up.

Top Cashback Sites

If you are interested in using a cashback site, it’s important to do some research on the authenticity and benefits of the company. To help you find the right one for you, this guide extensively reviews five popular choices and their benefits. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of what each website offers, and which one best helps you while shopping online.

BeFrugal Homepage Screenshot

Founded in 2009, BeFrugal has worked hard to create a website that offers high cashback rates and customer service to all its members. This website offers access to over 5,000 merchants and brands. A few of the top stores that this cashback site works with include Walmart, Eddie Baur, American Eagle, and Sam’s Club. BeFrugal can be accessed through its website or through the iOS and Android app.


BeFrugal has some of the best cashback rates. Users can get 4% cash back when purchasing items from Walmart, which is the highest rate for this store. Along with helping members earn more money, this website will also match cashback rates from other competitors by matching 125% of the higher rate.

BeFrugal Logo


Payment methods include checks by mail, gift cards, or PayPal. The site also offers $10 as a bonus when new members join. If you use BeFrugal coupons too, you can save even more money. The website always compensates for coupons that aren’t valid or don’t work.

Public Ratings

BeFrugal isn’t as well-known as some other top cashback sites out there are, but its high rates can compete and even excel over many cashback sites. For those who use this website, they are satisfied with the rewards they earn. The only downside of BeFrugal is their messy and slightly confusing website.

Ebates Homepage Screenshot

Ebates is a favorite among users. If you regularly shop online, you can use Ebates to help you save money. With up to 40% cash back and tons of valid coupons, this cashback site might be perfect for you.


Ebates has been around for a while. As one of the oldest cashback sites, Ebates has a lot of experience in giving back to its customers. Some of its top retailers include Amazon, JCPenney, Nordstrom, and Kohls.  Once you log in, you can search for a store or you can choose between the hot deals and coupons that are available. Most cashback returns range from 2-10%.

Ebates Logo


Ebates offers new, updated coupons every day, helping you to save even more money. Along with lots of deals, this cashback site offers a $10 bonus when new members spend $25 or more. This is one of the highest bonuses that you can get from a cashback site. You can also earn money when you refer friends. Once your referral has an active account and buys a few products through Ebates, you can earn the bonus.

Once your rewards balance adds up to at least $5, you can withdraw from it. Ebates transfers money by sending checks or depositing through PayPal. The company can even send your checks to your charity of choice.

Public Ratings

Because Ebates has been around for 20 years, it’s a reliable source of savings. People like how smoothly the website runs, and the rewards can stack up. However, members need to keep an eye on the weekly deals to get rebates. But with the $10 bonus for signing up along with the many coupons available, this is a great cashback site to use.

Coupon Cabin Homepage Screenshot

CouponCabin has earned its place on the top cashback site list. By validating thousands of coupons every week, you can be sure that your money and time is in the right hands. This website also doesn’t spend as much on advertising to maximize cashback savings, so it might be a good website to look into.


CouponCabin is known for its useful promo codes, coupon codes, and product discounts. When customers purchase items online from stores such as Amazon or Walmart, they receive cash back through the commissions that CouponCabin receives, but they can also easily find discounts that can help them save even more money. CouponCabin has in-store coupons available, too. On the website, members can use the search box or search by category to find the stores and products that they want.

Coupin Cabin Logo


Members can receive their payouts via check, PayPal, bank payments, or gift cards. However, users must have a balance of at least $7 before they can get their rewards transferred.

Public Ratings

CouponCabin has been around for a while, but it didn’t launch their cashback program until 2014. This allowed them to combine coupons and deals with cashback reward. Since then, the business has grown and improved greatly. One of the biggest improvements is its customer service. Members who have questions or concerns can contact CouponCabin’s team by filling out a form, and a response can be delivered within hours.

People who have used this cashback site have enjoyed the ease of using coupons and saving money. However, the cashback rate isn’t as high as on other cashback sites. CouponCabin doesn’t offer any special bonuses, either.

Swagbucks Homepage Screenshot

If you want to earn money easier, this site might be your best choice. This business gives its members even more ways to earn money, not just by purchasing products. If you’re looking for alternative ways to earn some extra spending cash, you might want to investigate Swagbucks.


Swagbucks is different than most cashback sites. This website gives its members Swag Bucks (SB) for everything they do. Members can shop through the search engine, do surveys, and even play games to earn SBs. A few ways users can earn points include the following:

  • Buy products through Swagbucks’ links
  • Participate in polls and surveys
  • Trade in old items such as cell phones and video game systems
  • Refer friends (you can potentially earn 1,000 SBs with each referral)
  • Activate special offers such as the daily NOSO (No Obligation Special Offer)

While the Swagbucks method is a little strange, it can be useful to devoted users. Earning a few hundred points a day can give you big rewards.



Although it doesn’t seem like you’re earning money, SB’s can be traded for cool gift cards. A 10$ Amazon gift card can be traded for 1,000 SBs or you can request a certain type of gift card that can be traded with the number of points you have. Each Swag Buck is equivalent to one cent, so if you earn lots of SBs, it can start to add up.

Public Ratings

Swagbucks is well liked because of how easy it is to earn money. You can watch a video or play games to earn points. You can also add a SwagButton chrome extension to help you find items online that could earn you points when you buy it. Along with this, you can download the Swagbucks search bar and earn points every time you search for anything.

The one thing that users don’t like about Swagbucks is that there is no cash payout. You must only get money through gift cards, although there is a PayPal gift card available.

TopCashback Homepage Screenshot

This site offers thousands of cashback deals and coupons. With 4,380 big brands available to choose from, you can shop for the products you want while getting a little bit of money back. You can either download the app or use the website to shop and make a purchase through one of the links. TopCashback membership is free.


Because they give 100% of their commission to their members, TopCashback has one of the highest cashback rates in the nation. This makes it a great choice for those wanting as much money back as possible. Unfortunately, they don’t offer sign-up bonuses like other sites. Once your purchases have been confirmed, an email will be sent to you, and you can withdraw money whenever you want.

TopCashback Logo


Payout methods include Direct Deposit and PayPal. You can also get it through Amazon gift cards and get a 3% bonus. This is the same with AmEx Gift Cards with a 3-5% bonus added. TopCashback offers several double cashback days for many different stores.

Public Ratings

People love that TopCashback gives all its affiliate commissions back to users. Along with this, the large number of retailers and easy access through the website and app makes this cashback site rise to the top of the competition. However, it is important to note that it often takes a while to get cash back. This is because TopCashback must ensure that you won’t pull out of the transaction before the full amount is paid. This is applicable for products that are paid over a period of time. Other than this, customers are happy with their memberships.

Ibotta Homepage Screenshot

If you are looking for something that is easy to use and doesn’t require you to sit at your computer, this cashback app is a great solution. Basically, you download the app and can unlock rebates for almost any brand or product. You can scroll through the available deals and choose a few before going to the store. You can also shop online as well.


When choosing rebates, you can unlock them by watching a short video or taking a quiz. Once you purchase all your groceries from the store, you can take a photo of your receipt and scan barcodes to redeem your rewards. After that, money will be added to your account. Ibotta usually releases new deals on Thursdays to keep the app updated and fresh for its members.

Ibotta Logo


Once you have $20 in your account, you can choose to be rewarded through PayPal, Venmo, or a gift card of your choice. Ibotta also gives a $10 welcome bonus for those who sign up and earn their first cashback offer. You can also earn a $5 bonus when you refer your friends and family.

Public Ratings

Unlike other cashback sites, Ibotta will deposit your money within 48 hours of redeeming your rebates, although online purchases may take longer. People love the accessibility of the app and the barcode feature is very useful. However, many have admitted how easily it is to get carried away with all the rebates and deals.

How To Get the Most Out of Cashback Sites

Letgo is not an auction site, and they don't make any money off the sale of merchandise listed on the site. They are simply a conduit between buyers and sellers. Buyers can leave messages for sellers offering for sale.

  • Always use your cashback site when shopping. Get into the habit of logging on to your cashback site of choice. Find the best deals and purchase through the links available on the website. If you see something at the store that you could easily purchase online, wait until you get home to log on to your cashback site and buy from there.
  • Compare cashback rates. The nice thing about joining a cashback site is that the membership is free. Have several sites at your fingertips and find the best deals. Many websites such as BeFrugal will match the rate you found.
  • Take advantage of cashback savings. To get even more money back on purchases, many people buy store gift cards from their store of choice. For example, if you buy a $100 gift card with a cashback rate of 4%, you’ll get $4 back in savings. However, you can then use that $100 gift card to buy products on the website, which gives you rewards as well.

Final Thoughts

Cashback sites are an easy way to save money while shopping. Physical coupons can be hard to use and find, and it’s not worth it to search all over the internet for a few discount promo codes. By choosing a cashback site of your choice, you can eliminate the time and patience of finding coupons. Discounts are already on the site, and you get money back from purchases.

These five cashback sites are well-liked and useful. Each have unique features that can benefit you. If you are interested in using one, simply go to their website and register for a free membership. Keep in mind that you can register for many before you decide on the one you like most. Once you start purchasing products through that website, your rewards will be verified and added to your account. Before you know it, you’ll have some extra money on your hands.


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