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Subscription clothing services are more popular now than ever before. Trunk Club is one of the original, and most widely used, subscription box services around. Partnered with Nordstrom, both men and women can quickly build an all-season wardrobe filled with quality designer looks.

But just because Trunk Club is popular doesn’t mean it’s automatically the best choice for your styling needs. We took a complete look at the entire Trunk Club experience, from initial signup to long-term use. Our complete Trunk Club review starts right now.

What Makes Trunk Club Unique?

Trunk Club is the big dog of the clothing subscription box world. The question really isn’t “what do they do,” because they pretty much do everything. Deliveries are large, filled with top brands and easily adjustable to your needs.

Personal stylists are also an important part of the Trunk Club experience. A fashion expert will work with you on each delivery. Each shipment will become part of a larger, all-season wardrobe.

Overall, Trunk Club just offers more than most other subscription box services. Partnered with Nordstrom, Trunk Club offers a diverse selection of brands for both men and women. You can even visit with a stylist in-person at Nordstrom clubhouses in Boston, Charleston, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and D.C.

Pros and Cons


  • Nordstrom-level quality of clothing and service
  • Personalized attention both online and in-store
  • Adjustable delivery schedule
  • Ability to create a completely new wardrobe head to toe


  • Nordstrom-level prices​​​​
  • In-store styling offered only in limited areas
  • More emphasis on men's wear than women's wear

How the Signup Process Works

Online signup is simple but thorough. Aside from sizing info, Trunk Club wants to understand your style likes and dislikes. Their main emphasis is creating a complete wardrobe of items which can be used in many different combinations.

New subscribers are asked to pick from a few different styles for both work and play. For office styles, you can choose between Business Formal, Business Casual and Casual. Then you’ll pick one of the “weekend” styles: Classic Casual, Trendy Casual and Athletic.

Here’s the start of the online style quiz so you can see the selection for yourself.

From there you’ll answer questions about fit and size. You can also refine the fit by identifying any potential sizing issues related to your body type (like if you’re really tall, have short arms and so on).

Finally, you’ll set some pricing parameters. Trunk Club only wants to send you items within your price range. You can set a general price range for jeans, sweaters, button-ups and dress shoes. Each item can be set between $50 and $100, $100 to $200, and over $200.  

Pricing and Value

Don’t let the Nordstrom name throw you off. Trunk Club can actually be pretty affordable as long as your expectations are reasonable. If you set low price limits and only purchase one or two items each month, you can build a solid wardrobe while on a budget.

Of course, Trunk Club is still a Nordstrom partner. The opportunity to spend a lot is certainly available. If you’re willing the spend, the latest fashions can always be at your door.

Each subscription box is large with anywhere from six to 10 items. Our first shipment contained six shirts, two pairs of jeans, a jacket and a pair of dress shoes. After each box arrives you have 10 days to try on the items. Simply keep what you want and return the rest.  

Generally, T-shirts, button-up shirts and jeans will range between $25 and $300 apiece. Dress shoes, sport coats and other higher-end are around $200. Each box has a $25 styling fee which is then credited towards any purchase. Both shipping and returns are free.

Public Perception

As one of the most popular subscription box services, there’s no shortage of online reviews of Trunk Club.

Trunk Club is generally a hit among fashionistas and anyone who values the latest trends. No matter where you live, Trunk Club gives you access to clothing from one of the world’s most fashionable department stores.

Many reviews complimented the expertise of the personal stylists. An InStyle reporter said the stylists were experts at assembling complete outfits from individual pieces. This helps build a wardrobe instead of individual pieces of clothing which might look good but don’t work well together.

How It Compares

If you want the benefits of a personal shopper but the convenience of home delivery, you’ll probably like what Trunk Club has to offer. Between the online questionnaire, personal online stylist and in-store styling opportunities, there’s no shortage of fashion advice and suggestions.

However, this level of interactivity might be a bit too much for some subscription box fans. More than a few people prefer subscription boxes due to the ease and simplicity. If you simply want items sent to you without requiring a ton of decision making, you might prefer Bombfell (for men) or Stitch Fix (for women).

If you want the most clothing for the money, you might prefer the Five Four Club. If you want an additional step-up in quality, try Stitch Fix. Trunk Club is in the top-tier in terms of clothing quality but also has the potential for the highest prices.  

There’s certainly no shortage of variety in the Trunk Club selections. If it’s in Nordstrom’s, it’s available through Trunk Club. You can even use your Nordstrom card to earn rewards.


Is Trunk Club related to Nordstrom?

Is Trunk Club expensive?

Is Trunk Club for men or women?

What brands does Trunk Club include?

What are the Clubhouses?

Please ask any Trunk Club questions in the comments below. We’ll be sure to find the answer for you.

Is It Worth It For Me?

If you’re more concerned with fashion than price, Trunk Club is a good fit. While you can set price parameters to keep costs down, you’ll also be limiting your potential purchases rather severely. Trunk Club isn’t the most budget-conscious option.

Trunk Club is a great choice for monthly deliveries if you’re not too concerned about spending. But the service is also an inexpensive way to dress for specific occasions. Order a box before a formal event or even just the change of the seasons.

Trunk Club excels at quality and selection. Your personal stylist will not only help you dress your best, but will also introduce to brands you’ve likely never heard of before. Plus, the flexible delivery schedule ensures you’ll never feel overwhelmed with new items.

Finally, Trunk Club is a no-brainer if you’re already a frequent Nordstrom’s customer, especially if you live near one of the Clubhouses.  

Value for Price
Ease/Convenience of Signup
Customization (Attention Paid to Customer)
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Kara is a senior at Arcadia University pursuing a double Bachelors in International Business and Italian Language Studies. In her free time, she enjoys working out, binge-watching Criminal Minds, and shopping.


  1. Variety of Styles


    Value For Cost


    Ease of Signup


    Ease of Return Process


    Customization (Attention Paid to Customer)


    Trunk Club is an awesome way to buy clothes that are chosen by a stylist so you don’t have to leave your own home. I really hate having to run to the mall for a new outfit and with Trunk Club, I don’t have to. My stylist is amazing. She really understands exactly what I’m looking for.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Megan! I’m glad you’re happy with your subscription to Trunk Club. A lot of people say they don’t like having to go to the mall to do their shopping and having your own stylist is such a great way to get new clothes.

  2. Variety of Styles


    Value For Cost


    Ease of Signup


    Ease of Return Process


    Customization (Attention Paid to Customer)


    I love shopping online for almost all my clothes. I usually end up having to return some so I decided to give this a try. I just give my stylist my sizes and my preferences and she does all the work for me. I just love it. Prices can be a bit high but I expected that already. The quality and service are well worth the extra money.

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback, Laura! Having your own stylist is an awesome way to get your clothes without even having to leave your home. I’m glad you enjoy your Trunk Club subscription.


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