Tuft and Needle vs Purple Mattress – Two Innovative Mattresses

Tuft And Needle vs Purple

With so much choice, how can you be sure you're selecting the best mattress? We're here to help! Read out Tuft And Needle vs Purple comparison to see which of these mattresses is a better fit for your needs.

Casper mattress

Overall Rating:




10 inches


Twin 50 lbs.,

Twin XL 52 lbs.,

Full 63 lbs.,

Queen 72 lbs.,

King 94 lbs.,

Cal King 94 lbs


Soft but supportive

Motion Isolation:


Price Range:

$325 - $700

Trial Period:

100 Days


10 Years


Up to 10 Years

Customer Service:


The Tuft and Needle mattresses are made from excellent high-quality materials that create a surface that is simultaneously soft and supportive. This mattress does an excellent job with motion isolation as well and has a longer lifespan just like the Purple mattress.

The breathability of the Tuft and Needle mattress is unique in the world of foam mattresses that have traditionally retained the body heat of sleepers during the night. Even the outer layer of the mattress is extra breathable which allows the specialized foam to shed extra heat.

Tuft and Needle have made their mattress somewhat lighter in weight than their competitors, and this allows individuals the ability to potentially set it up themselves. The mattress is delivered for free to most locations and arrives in a container roughly the size of a golf bag.

Purple mattress

Overall Rating:


Above Average


11 inches


Twin XL 77 lbs.,

Queen 122 lbs.,

King 149 lbs.,

Cal King 148 lbs.


A scientific mix of soft, and firm areas

Motion Isolation:


Price Range:

$1299 - $1899

Trial Period:

100 Days


10 Years


About 10 Years

Customer Service:


The purple mattress offers a unique polymer layer that makes up the purple grid-like material commonly seen in their advertisements. Not only does the Purple mattress offer excellent motion isolation, but the layers within the mattress work to create a mix of soft and firm areas that respond when pressure is applied.

When you lay down on the Purple mattress, the layers within it allow for breathability while also offering great support for your whole body. Although this mattress is a little pricier than some other brands, the 10-year lifespan is several years longer than the average, and the trial period offers buyers ample time to test it out.

Key Similarities

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    Tuft and Needle and Purple both offer mattresses that have a surprising number of similarities despite having very different construction. Both come with a highly breathable cover that is white and marked with the company logo. Both mattresses also are constructed with layers of foam that are designed for optimal breathability and comfort while you sleep.
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    Owners of both Tuft and Needle and Purple are thrilled with the comfort and coolness they experience while they sleep which can largely be attributed to the specialized foam used by both brands. Neither mattress has a reputation for off-gassing or strange smells, and they come with generous warranties and extended lifespans of approximately 10 years.
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    Motion isolation in Tuft and Needle is ever so slightly better than in the Purple mattress but the difference is not very noticeable. Both brands also offer 100-day trial periods with free returns and great customer service. With both brands you can also get free delivery and set up is very easy. Once unpackaged and unrolled, both mattresses are ready to be slept on almost immediately.

Key Differences

  • Both mattresses are made from layers of foam, however, the Tuft and Needle mattress has two layers while the Purple mattress has two layers of foam plus their superelastic polymer layer on top. It's the top layer that creates more of a generalized compression that many owners describe as “hug like.”
  • The Purple mattress is considered to be on the lower end of medium firm, and buyers can decide the thickness of the elastic polymer that they want on top of their mattress for a customized fit. More of the elastic polymer will create a different feel when you lay down, and offer slightly different support with a softer, yet supportive feel.
  • The Tuft and Needle mattress circumvents all of that by having the top layer of foam built to create a softer feel that is greatly supportive, and further backed up by the base layer of foam. By having multiple layers, the Tuft and Needle mattress is simultaneously less firm, but also easier to stay cool.
  • Some owners claim that the Purple mattress does best with sheets that are slightly stretchy in order to make the most of the elastic polymer top that is on the mattress. While not all individuals are thrilled with the material that makes up stretchy sheets, many owners claim the switch is worth it.
  • Tuft and Needle mattresses do not prescribe the use of any special sheets and owners can use their favorite bedding as they normally would.

Firmness and Support

When it comes to fitness and support provided by Tuft and Needle and the Purple mattress, there is no clear winner. Both brands offer a quality mattress with a similar support that owners have reported being quite comfortable.

The foam layers are all designed to breathe extremely well, and the cover used on both mattresses helps ensure that breathability isn’t compromised. The purple mattress does offer customers the option to increase the amount of elastic polymer on their mattress in order to get a softer or more “hug like” feel but this adjustment isn’t necessary.

Tuft and Needle and Purple both offer mattresses that are on the lower side of being medium firm. This means that they offer the preferred level of support that you can get with a medium firm mattress. These mattresses also include the ability to allow the heavier parts of your body to sink while the lighter parts sink less so that your whole-body stays aligned.

Motion Isolation

Both Tuft and Needle and Purple do an excellent job of providing great motion isolation and owners confirm that they are able to get in and out of bed without their partner noticing. While this feature may not apply to those who sleep alone, for those that sleep with another person it can be a lifesaver.

Motion isolation serves to prevent you from feeling someone else getting out of the bed. It helps ensure that your sleep is not disturbed and allows each sleeper to reposition themselves endlessly without waking the other person.

Tuft and Needle’s advanced layers of foam ensure that motion isolation is at its most advanced. Owners report that it works fabulously, and they are able to sleep extremely well even when their partner is an active sleeper. Purple mattress owners report the same thing, but light sleepers may not find it as thorough as others.

Construction and Materials

Both brands are made from very high-quality foam that does not contain unnecessary chemicals or carcinogens that could make you ill or give off an unpleasant smell. Tuft and Needle and Purple are very committed to their mattresses having little to no scent while still delivering the performance you expect.

Tuft and Needle uses a two-layer design with different kinds of foam for each layer. This layering creates a very stable base that allows the mattress to be so comfortable while also feeling so soft at the same time. Purple uses two layers of foam plus their elastic polymer on top for a unique feel and optimal comfort.

If you want more of a soft feel with your Purple mattress you can customize your purchase and get a thicker layer of the polymer. This will change how soft the purple mattress feels but will still offer the same level of support.

Off-Gassing and Smell

There are no reports of either brand doing any off-gassing or having any smell despite the materials used. Both brands come carefully packaged so as not to pick up any smells in transport, and after unpackaging and expansion they are ready for use.

While some other foam mattresses are known for having a distinct smell, both Tuft and Needle and Purple have sourced their materials with smells and off-gassing in mind. Neither company uses harmful foam materials or chemicals that could create an unpleasant odor, and the manufacturers that make their product are certified to ensure quality.


While the Purple mattress may be priced somewhat higher than the average for a traditional foam mattress, it comes with features not standard in traditional foam. Breathability, durability, and a long lifespan are strong traits in both the Purple and Tuft and Needle mattress and their price points reflect their innovation and features.

Tuft and Needle may be slightly cheaper, however, that does not indicate any shortcomings in quality. Their two layers of foam are designed to create a solid sleeping experience that offers minimal heat retention. The specialized polymer layer on the Purple mattress, along with the ability to customize are both likely candidates for the price difference.

  • Tuft and Needle average price of Queen mattress: $575
  • Purple average price of Queen mattress: $999
  • Industry average price of Queen mattress: $860

Who Should Buy A Tuft & Needle Mattress?

The Tuft and Needle mattress is best suited for those that want a performance foam mattress, but with a more modest price tag. It is elegant and highly functional in its simplicity but comes with features you'd find in high-end foam mattresses that cost several times more. To get more info, check out our Tuft & Needle review.

Who Should Buy A Purple Mattress?

The Purple mattress is best for those who don't want to sacrifice quality but want a customized foam mattress that doesn't cost thousands. The ability to customize to get a specific feel is an attractive quality for many buyers, and owners swear they sleep great and stay cool. If you'd like more info, here's our Purple Mattress review.

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