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One of the most well-regarded survey and opinion sites on the web, Vindale Research continues to create new hopefuls with its plethora of surveys, rewards, and ways to earn cash. The site has evolved over the years, and the quality of the surveys continues to improve.

With over $6,955,991 paid to its members through high-paying surveys (Vindale Research advertises surveys worth $50+), the company has developed an excellent reputation in the survey industry. While there are some challenges in signing up, if you can get in to the program then you’ll be in great shape for earning plenty of cash on the side.

What Makes Vindale Research Unique?

If there’s anything that makes Vindale Research stand out against the many survey sites populating the industry, it’s that it pays well. That’s right: You’ll often find surveys worth $10, $15, and even $50 in some rare instances. In these high-paying surveys, you’ll often receive the product itself. 

For surveys that don’t require pre-existing technical knowledge or physical product transfers, you can expect to earn somewhere in the range of $0.25 to $45. It all comes down to how much a particular brand is willing to pay for the research that you’re providing them.

Pros & Cons


  • Unlike other surveys sites on the web, Vindale Research doesn’t push any “points” gimmicks – you just earn cold, hard cash.
  • You can elect to receive your earnings through a regular, physical check or through PayPal – it’s your choice.
  • Surveys on Vindale Research often pay higher than most other survey sites on the web. The mere fact that you can earn $10 for completing a survey puts Vindale Research into the realm of possibilities for those who want to earn significant side cash.
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    Vindale Research offers a variety of ways to earn money – not just through surveys.
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    With a robust referral program, Vindale Research gives you even more opportunities to earn cash by inviting your family and friends to participate in the program.
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    Vindale Research continues to innovate with brand-new features and ways to earn cash.


  • As with any survey site, Vindale Research prequalifies survey prospects with eligibility criteria. If you don’t fit the demographic that the brand targets in its survey, you won’t be able to take the survey and earn.
  • In some cases, these questionnaires can be time-consuming due to their length and extensive questioning.
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    Only prospects in the United States, Brazil, Australia, and Great Britain can apply to take surveys on Vindale Research.
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    You’ll need to cash out at $50 to avoid expiration of your earnings. You may also receive many emails from their marketing partners.

How the Signup Process Works

Upon clicking the “signup” button on Vindale Research’s homepage, the site will direct you to a simple signup page with the headline “Congratulations!” You’ll also receive a preview of the surveys you can participate in, including a beverage preferences survey that’s worth $5.60 for 35 minutes of your time. 

You have two ways to create a new member profile on Vindale Research:

  1. Traditional Sign Up: To sign up without using your Facebook account, you can enter your email address, first name, last name, street address, zip code, country, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, and password.
  2. Facebook: The site also allows you to sign up with your Facebook account. It will also collect any necessary demographic details through the data that you share with your profile.

After completing this step, you’ll get to move onward to additional demographic surveys and finally have the opportunity to begin completing real surveys for cash.

Ways to Earn Cash


The most traditional way to earn cash on Vindale Research is through paid surveys. You can take paid surveys by logging into the site or checking your inbox for new offers. These surveys can pay up to $50 depending on the complexity and tasks involved in completing the survey – whether that’s giving your opinion or completing an in-depth product review based on a product that’s shipped to you.

Reward Codes

One of the most interesting ways to earn cash through Vindale Research is by finding reward codes. To find reward codes, you’ll join the Vindale community and scour blogs and social pages for challenges, polls, and alerts that will help you to find reward codes you can submit for cold, hard cash. Vindale Research populates these reward codes weekly.

Referral Program

For every friend or family member you refer to Vindale Research, the company will pay you $5. The primary way that you’ll refer new members to the site is by sharing a link that the company will provide you. You  can share this link on email, SMS, social networks, or anywhere else that allows you to submit referral links. The more members you refer, the more Vindale Research will pay you!

Member Photos

By showing off how much money you’ve made, Vindale Research will pay you $5. All you have to do is send a photo or video of yourself with your Vindale payment and that additional $5 will be all yours. Very few survey sites offer the opportunity to earn more cash just by taking a picture of yourself with your check.

Reward Mail

When you opt into the Reward Mail program, Vindale Research will pay you just for opening and reading a paid email. These promotional messages are sent to you by the company’s partners and allow you to earn cash just by opening and reading email. This is one of the easier ways to earn cash through the site, although it’s not necessarily as lucrative as completing the higher ticket surveys.

Vindale Videos

Another easy way to earn cash on Vindale Research is by watching paid videos and giving your feedback. These video surveys are handed out to only eligible members and allow you to earn cash just by watching the video and giving your honest feedback.

How Much Are Points Worth?

Since Vindale Research does not bother with a points gimmick, you can earn actual cash for each survey you complete. This system avoids the complexity of needing to convert points to cash and dealing with all of the exchange rate nonsense that some other sites will make you jump through (we’re looking at you, Toluna!).

Payment Options

You have two ways to collect your earnings from Vindale Research: payments via PayPal and traditional checks. If you want your money that same day, a PayPal payment is your best bet. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for your physical check to be processed, mailed, and deposited (or cashed). Ultimately, it’s up to you, but we always recommend opting for a PayPal payment due to the ease of transfer and the convenience aspect.

Public Perception (Other Vindale Research Reviews)

In general, the public perception of Vindale Research is mostly positive. Other reviewers have found that the site was one of the better options in the survey industry space thanks to its high payouts for each survey and the level of earning potential that few surveys sites are able to achieve.

The survey review site “Survey Cool” found that Vindale Research was a legitimate paid survey site and that while it’s not perfect, it’s one of the best options on the web today for achieving a high level of earnings through a variety of ways to earn cash, including paid surveys, videos, and reward mail. 

Other reviewers found that the site posed some difficulties due to the demographic qualifications that you’ll have to undergo. These demographic questions can take a long time to complete, so it’s important to keep that in mind if you’re planning on earning cash through Vindale Research.

Vindale Research vs The Competition

Against the competition, Vindale Research fares well. You’ll avoid the low payouts of other survey sites and all of the nonsense that they make you jump through with respect to gimmicky points systems and other non-traditional ways to cash out, like receiving gift cards (looking at you again, Toluna!). 

The most significant benefit that Vindale Research offers is its ability to deliver high earnings to members and other rewards such as allowing you to review physical products. While these offers don’t pop up all the time, the fact that they’re available through the platform is noteworthy.

Vindale Research Hacks

There aren’t many Vindale Research hacks to report. While you can try to spoof the demographic surveys that the site will give you and attempt to position yourself based on the volume of offers present for a given demographic, this strategy can be very difficult to pull off and you may even be caught. It’s probably not worth getting your account deactivated to earn a few extra bucks.

The true hacks for Vindale Research focus on scheduling, cadence, and motivation. Since Vindale Research is a survey site like all other surveys sites, you’re going to encounter boredom and repetition that may dissuade you from completing further surveys. 

The best way to avoid burnout on Vindale Research is to set aside a maximum time limit throughout the day in which you’ll complete surveys. Maybe you should consider taking an hour or two in the morning and evening to complete surveys, or only work on surveys on the weekend. Having this type of schedule in place will help to keep you motivated as you move through the process.


How Does Vindale Research Pay You?

How Much Money Can You Make from Vindale Research?

How Do You Cash Out on Vindale Research?

If you have any other questions about Vindale Research, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below – we’ll be sure to check it out and let you know!

Is It Right for Me?

Is Vindale Research safe? We believe so. Vindale Research is one of the top survey sites on the web today, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another survey and research site that offers the same types of benefits that Vindale offers. Ultimately, if you’re going to participate in any survey sites at all and can only choose one, Vindale Research is a great choice thanks to its long-standing stability, offers, and high payouts.

Deals and Coupons

The best deal that Vindale Research currently offers is the ability to sign up and earn $2 just for becoming a member. You should take advantage of this offer by signing up through the traditional sign up process or by using your Facebook account. You may find that using Facebook is easier than going through the traditional registration process.

Review Summary

Overall, Vindale Research offers an excellent way to earn side cash by completing paid surveys. If you’re looking for a great way to augment your income from your day job, Vindale Research should be the first stop on your journey. With excellent profitability metrics thanks to high paying surveys, an easy-to-use platform that makes it easy to find new offers to complete, and the avoidance of gimmicky points systems in favor of cold, hard cash, Vindale Research makes it difficult to say anything negative about the site!


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