VINEBOX Review – Wine By The Glass… But Is It Any Good?

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Don’t worry, our reviews don’t come in waves of saturation like the newest subscriptions on the block do. We tend to keep our focus on revealing the good, the bad, and the ugly while focusing on what tends to be trending the most in the world of wine.

Trust us when we say we’re not here to waste your time. Because we hate ours being wasted as well. Thankfully today we have a great subscription service to reveal in our comprehensive review, one that many may know as VINEBOX (your subscription to wine by the glass).

Storytelling is something that P.T. Barnum demonstrated the best in terms of how it can remarkably boost the success of a business when done right. It looks like the folks behind VINEBOX wanted you to know they’re a living story as well. Just visit their about page.

What Makes VINEBOX Unique?

Since we already covered their ability to tell and live a great story, we’re going to have to touch on something a little bit different. Thankfully VINEBOX isn’t one of those “fly by night” subscription services that lacks in terms of what it can bring to the table.

Without further ado, what about VINEBOX really caught our eye as fellow wine lovers?

  • Discovery made easy, and effortlessly.
    VINEBOX is known for taking those passionate about wine on new adventures. Where they can experience tastes they may have never imagined before. It’s about a priceless, yet diverse journey into the world of wine as we know it.
  • Focused on technology, just as they should be.
    From making sure air doesn’t enter during the bottling process to enhancing one’s experience with a wine subscription, no expense has been spared when it comes to using the latest technology. Something all companies should be doing actually.
  • Having dedication to small and medium farms says a lot.
    You can see through their attitude on their website that this is one of those grassroots loving companies who will do whatever they can to support the smaller folks. Instead of only dealing with the biggest farms, they maintain a network of small/medium farms.
  • Smart wining and dining has met its new best friend.
    From cards to informational brochures, VINEBOX is known for its dedication to making the world of wine a more educated one. Every sip you take will have a history behind it that will placed right in front of your very own eyes.
  • Support that customers can love, finally made it to subscriptions.
    From consumer reviews to the ease of contact, it’s clear that VINEBOX has grown due to their dedication to their customers. No running around necessary, they’re waiting for you when you reach out in a time of need.


  • Bottle too much? Take it to singles.
  • Double Up, Save Up
  • Refined Selection Process
  • check
    Solid Brand, Positive Credibility
  • check
    Could Diversify Your Personal Wine Stash


  • Inefficient for bigger needs.
  • Price is a little more than desired.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Similar subscriptions seem more valuable.

How The Signup Process Works

Their online presence is definitely one of the cleanest ones of the bunch And thankfully they followed this through when creating the sign-up process as well. ​It’s as simple as 1 - 2 - 3.

  1. Completing the fun, yet beneficial (and official) VINEBOX wine quiz.
    This is something that definitely stands out with VINEBOX. Their personable attitude doesn’t just happen on the first couple of pages on their website. It is seamless throughout and has made the discovery of your wine style anything but boring.
  2. Finish setting up your personal preferences/profile.
    Just setup the different preferences to your liking, as well as what you want to go ahead and sign up for. This will complete your profile and be combined with your quiz results from the previous step to make sure each box is one that you like (instead of hate).
  3. Enter your payment details, and await the delivery man (or gal).
    This is the hardest part, setting up your recurring payments to make sure you don’t stop making your collection fresher as each month passes. Since it’s by the glass, it’s sure to fit in just about any wine fan’s budget. Prices range from as little as $25 per box and up.

Pricing and Value

With VINEBOX, you get 3 choices and monthly isn’t one of them. You can pay for a delivery that occurs every 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year. Prices at the time of this review were $81, $156, and $300 respectively. Not the worst, but definitely not the best in comparison.

For the occasional wine drinker or someone wanting to try before they buy, this could be a decent deal. And if you prepay for the year, you got a whole year you don’t have to worry about being able to add something fresh to your collection. Because it’ll be waiting at your door for you. 

VINEBOX vs The Competition

VINEBOX is nothing but a leader in the wine space. They have done something many thought wouldn’t even be possible, and that’s making it possible to get wine by the glass shipped straight to your home or office. Innovative is the only way to describe it.

If you can handle it being a by the glass type of deal, then it’s the only one to go with of its kind. They did create the space, so you’ll definitely be in good hand. For the bottle poppers, it’s not the wisest move you can make unless you’re going to be using it in addition to your main subscription for the purpose of discovering new flavors.


By the glass, why not by the bottle?

Experience backs VINEBOX, but to what extent?

How do I contact VINEBOX support?

What if I’m not happy with what VINEBOX sent me?

Who does VINEBOX use for shipping?

Is It Right For Me?

If you just want a glass of wine every now and then or you want to try before you make an order, this is the way to go. It’s the innovator of its kind and backed by tons of technology that changes as the times present even better opportunities to embrace. 

They’re a highly credible company, and their consumer reviews seem to continue to back that up as each day passes. In fact a lot of people just use this particular wine subscription as a subsidiary to their main one that delivers entire bottles on a recurring basis.

Money Saver Tip - DOUBLE UP, STACK UP!

During the checkout process, you’ll have the opportunity to double up the number of glasses of wine you’ll be receiving. Whether it’s one-time or recurring is up to you, but when you double up you get the second set at a significantly lower cost than if you were to just buy the initial quantity. 

VINEBOX is also known for the good sales on add-ons that they offer. These are on a limited basis, but are priceless deals when they are made available. It’s something you have to either be lucky to stumble on or watch closely.

Review Summary/Overview

This is on the lower scale of subscriptions in terms of what it offers. However, it’s the winning choice for any wine by the glass subscription that gets put on your doorstep. They have a golden reputation, but they are a little pricier than some of their competition.

As you can see they have a respectable offering and if you're in the market for a wine by the glass service, check out VINEBOX.

Customer Service
Value for Price
Wine Selection
Wine Quality
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  1. Customer Service


    Value for Price


    Wine Selection


    Wine Quality


    VineBox offers such a great way to try different wines without buying the whole bottle. I’ve wasted a lot of money on wines I didn’t like before, so this is perfect. It also includes notes on what foods to pair the wine with. Wine by the glass subscription is such a great idea for people like me who like trying different wines without wasting money.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Alex! I’m really happy to hear you enjoy VineBox. It is a great way to try different wines by the glass without wasting money on the whole bottle.

  2. Customer Service


    Value for Price


    Wine Selection


    Wine Quality


    A friend of mine told me about VineBox and I think it’s awesome. I get to sample wines from different regions I would never have known about. If I don’t like a certain wine I’m not wasting my money buying the whole bottle this way. What a great concept.

  3. Customer Service


    Value for Price


    Wine Selection


    Wine Quality


    My daughter bought me a three-month subscription and I love it. It’s such a great way to try wines from other regions. It came with tasting notes and pairing tips which I found very helpful. The packaging was wonderful and I think I’ll continue my subscription after the three months are up.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Katelyn! Happy to hear you were given a three-month subscription and enjoy it. Hope you continue to like your wines.


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