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VIP Voice is a section of the NPD group.  NPD is a market research group that has been around since 1967.  They collect data and information from consumers for some of the largest brands and companies and help them create a more efficient marketing strategy.  VIP Voice allows them to do this online as a survey site.

VIP Voice currently has over 3 million users in their community, and they help give feedback about various industries.  VIP Voice works with large companies to create surveys and then distributes them to their users that meet the specific demographics.  Users can earn points by taking these surveys and use those points to get prizes through SweepLand or BidLand as well as special offers.  

While you don’t get any real money through this survey site, you do get to make an impact on the brands and services you offer frequently.  It’s free to join, and you can start to take surveys and earn points as soon as you sign up.

How Does It Work?

The VIP Voice survey site is similar to other survey sites regarding how you sign up and start to earn points.  Because it is free to join, anyone over the age of 13 residing in the U.S. or Canada can participate.  You can create an account with your name and email address.  

After you create an account, you need to answer some additional demographic questions.  VIP Voice will only send you surveys that meet your profile needs.  They do this because they work closely with businesses and companies to provide valuable consumer information.  If you don’t use a particular brand or shop at an individual store, then your opinion won’t help those companies.  

Once you complete your demographic profile, VIP Voice will email you eligible surveys.  Each survey is worth a certain number of points, and as you finish them, you will earn those points.  You might even be able to obtain points even if you aren’t able to complete the survey.

When you start earning points, you can begin redeeming those points for prizes through SweepLand or BidLand.  VIP Voice doesn’t use cash or e-gift cards like other survey sites but instead allows you to enter sweepstakes or bid on items with your earned points.  They also occasionally run special offers for prizes or additional points.  


  • One of the advantages of VIP Voice is that they are free to join.  You don’t have to pay a membership fee, and you don’t risk any of your own money to join which could happen on other less legitimate sites.  VIP Voice also advertises that they are the survey site for consumers that like to make an impact.  
  • Because they work so closely with brands and companies to create their surveys, VIP Voice allows you direct access to some of your favorite items and services.  You can use your voice to help shape the services and products you use frequently.
  • The surveys on VIP Voice are also short and only take about 5 to 15 minutes to complete.  If you have a little free time during your day, you can finish a few surveys and earn points to use.  While you can’t make real money through VIP Voice, users do say they do win prizes although it is very infrequent.  Many users complain that they have been members for years and regularly take surveys but have yet to win.


  • The major flaw with VIP Voice is that you are not guaranteed a reward.  With other survey sites like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, you can earn cash or e-gift cards after you cash in your points.  VIP Voice doesn’t work that way and instead allows you to use your points by entering a sweepstake or bidding on prizes.  You might win but often you won’t, and you just lose those hard-earned points.
  • VIP Voice does outsource some surveys to other sites like Toluna which has a less than stellar rating among survey review groups.  This can cause troubles with you earning points and might be hard to fix because VIP Voice has no control over Toluna.  
  • exclamation-triangle
    There is also no way to check the legitimacy of the survey answers.  We found that some users merely click whatever answer they want and still earn the points as if they had taken the survey seriously.  While this might seem like a good thing for the users, because survey spots are limited, it can be frustrating for users who have a tough time getting into survey groups.

Ways to Earn Points

The primary way users earn points through VIP Voices is by taking surveys.  But there is a slight catch because you might not be eligible for every survey that comes your way.  That is why VIP Voice breaks down earning points into two categories, qualification points, and participation points.

VIP Qualification Points

VIP Voice will notify you by email if there is an available survey you can take.  If you log onto the website and click on the survey, VIP Voice will let you know if you qualify for the demographics.  If you qualify and complete the survey, you will earn VIP Qualification Points.

VIP Participation Points

If you get a notification for a survey through VIP Voice and log in to find that you do not qualify, you can still earn points.  Surveys are set up by demographic, and you might not meet the requirements for each survey that is available.  You can still complete the survey if you do not qualify to earn VIP Participation Points.  These points will be less than the qualification points, but they add to your collection of points.  

Refer a Friend

You can also refer people to join VIP Voice and earn points that way.  The person you refer must sign up and create an account for you to get the credit and the corresponding points.

Special Offers

You can use your points in VIP Voice SweepLand or BidLand, but sometimes there will also be special offers.  These change frequently so you always need to check to see what VIP Voice offers.  


SweepLand works like a regular sweepstakes or lottery.  You can use your points to enter these sweepstakes for as many times as you would like.  Once the sweepstake is over, there will be a drawing and one person will win the prize.  Prizes include things like kitchen products, electronics, and even vacations to places like Mexico.


BidLand works like a regular online auction site.  You can use your points to bid on prizes like TV’s, pots and pans, or vacations.  The auction is set to go for a certain time, and once that time is up, the person with the highest bid wins the item.  

VIP Voice Scholarship & Other Special Offers

The VIP Voice Scholarship is a $5,000 scholarship open only to new members.  It is also called the New Member Registration Drawing.  The drawing is done four times a year and all new members during that time can enter.  All you need to do is sign up and take at least two surveys.  However, the more surveys you take, the more entries you will earn towards the VIP Voice Scholarship.

VIP Voice runs more special offers like the scholarship throughout the year, sometimes for new members but also for current members.  Most of these special offers do not require you to use your points to enter, so keep an eye on these.  You can check their homepage for the list of current special offers.

How Much Are Points Worth?

Essentially, VIP Voice Points aren’t worth anything because they do not pay cash for their rewards system.  Each point you earn is a point you can use to enter for a prize in SweepLand or BidLand.  

Your points in SweepLand represent how many entries you have in the sweepstake.  For example, 1-point equals 1 entry and 1,000 points equals 1,000 entries.  Once the sweepstake is over and the winner chosen, you lose however many points you put into the prize whether you won or lost.

Your points in BidLand work similarly, but there is a minimum number of points you must use per bid.  You also need to keep an eye on the prizes you are bidding for because someone can come along and outbid you.  Once the auction is complete and the highest bidder wins, you lose however many points you bid whether you won the auction or not.  

Payment Options

Your payment options through VIP Voice depend on if you win anything.  You can check the various prizes in SweepLand or BidLand by going to the VIP Voice Reward Center.  There will be a list of current sweepstakes and auction items.  If they are still open, you can use your points to enter or bid on an item.

If you do win a sweepstake, VIP Voice will contact you by email within one to two weeks of the close date and give you redemption instructions.  If you win an auction item in BidLand, you will get an email notification within 24 hours.  In 5 to 7 business days, you will get another email with redemption instructions.  

Customer Reviews

We did some research to find VIP Voice reviews.  We have found that the most prominent complaint most customers have about VIP Voice is the fact that they never win any prizes.  Some users have been members for years but have yet to win anything either in SweepLand or BidLand.  Unfortunately, that is the nature of this reward system, especially with the sweepstakes because it is a game of chance.

Most customers seem to understand that they aren’t going to win a ton of prizes through VIP Voice and appreciate the opportunity to help shape marketing strategies on their favorite brands.  Users enjoy the quizzes and if they do win, feel it is the cherry on top rather than the entire goal of taking surveys.  

VIP Voice vs. The Competition

You can find a ton of survey sites out there, and each one will claim to have the most users or the most prizes or the quickest payouts.  Because VIP Voice doesn’t offer cash outs or money in the form of gift cards, they are entirely different from other sites.  With places like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, you can take your points and turn them into money whether that’s a payout to a PayPal account or an e-gift card to Amazon.  That isn’t true for VIP Voice.

If you don’t mind leaving your earnings to chance, then you might like VIP Voice better than other sites.  You don’t need a minimum of points to enter SweepLand or BidLand, but keep in mind many people have accumulated a ton of points over the years for specific items such as a trip to Mexico.  Bidding with few amounts of points can be tough.  

VIP Voice also only offers surveys to earn points.  Sites like Swagbucks or FusionCash have games you can play or videos to watch that will also earn you additional points.  Survey Junkie is another site that focuses primarily on surveys as their point system, but they offer cash and e-gift cards as their payout.  

VIP Voice Hacks

There are no tricks to earning more money with VIP Voice because that isn’t how the site works.  The best VIP Voice hack you can implement is to keep a regular schedule.  Set aside time each day to devote to surveys on the site.  This hack helps in two ways.

First, you are earning points every day, and that can help you play more effectively in SweepLand or BidLand.  Second, you keep up on special offers and other opportunities on VIP Voice’s site.  If you don’t log in for a few days, you might miss a chance to win bonus points or participate in a high-point survey.  

Also, the VIP point system is tiered and depending on the number of surveys you take you can increase the number of points you earn for each survey.  So, for example, if you take six surveys that puts you at level three.  At level three you can earn 100 points in VIP Participation Points or 200 points in VIP Qualification Points for each survey you take.  A regular schedule helps you earn more points, move up in levels, and keep notified of exclusive offers.

The Deal Meisters’ Tip.

Our best advice is to take as many surveys as possible because this will move you up the tiers.  The higher the tier, the more points you earn per survey.  If you can get to 20+ surveys, you could earn 200 participation points and 550 qualification points.  With those numbers, you can earn more points faster and enter more sweepstakes or bid higher on auction items.

Is It Right for Me?

If you know that you won’t earn money by taking surveys through VIP Voice or win a ton of prizes, this survey site might be a good option.  It’s an enjoyable way to pass the time, and you can help lend your voice the products and services you love.  You won’t get rich, but you just might get lucky and win that trip to Mexico.

Review Summary

VIP Voice works with some of today’s leading brands and companies.  They conduct over 12 million annual surveys on their site with their 3 million members.  You can participate in these surveys to make the things you love better for the consumer and in the process, you might win some nice prices.  You can take your chances with rewards in SweepLand or try to be the highest bidder in BidLand.  Either way, VIP Voice is a simple survey site aimed at making your voice heard.


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