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Traditional shaving with a razor and brush is more popular than ever, as more facts about the side effects of electric shavers are revealed. Subscription boxes with razors, manual shavers, and shaving cream offer men a way to experiment with different products. Wet Shave Club is one of the subscription box services available online.

A group of men interested in traditional shaving and grooming founded the Wet Shave Club in 2013. It evolved into a subscription box service after Rohan Gilkes, and Kevin Pereira bought the domain from Reddit in 2014 for $4,000.

Now one of the most popular traditional shaving eCommerce services for men, Wet Shave Club is based in Tampa, Florida, where all boxes are designed, curated and shipped. Wet Shave Club used to offer just a monthly subscription service, but now you can order boxes individually from the site.

The following Wet Shave Club review will give you all the information you need to determine if it’s the grooming subscription box for you.  

What Makes Wet Shave Club Unique?

With 1177 members, 31,954 delivered boxes and a 97% satisfaction rate; Wet Shave Club ranks with the most successful traditional shaving subscription services and e-stores.

The company’s boxes are known for their mix of unusual and uniquely blended aftershave oils, shaving balms and creams. Wet Shave Club offers indie and upscale brands for the discerning customer. Featured brands include Stirling Soap Company, Ursa Major, Green Bean Soap Company, and Treet Blades.

Unlike some other subscription box companies, they offer coupons, easy refunds/ returns, and international shipping.


  • Well-curated by experts
  • Many grooming categories
  • Easy cancellation and refunds
  • check
    International shipping available
  • check
    Wide selection of upscale products


  • No customizing options
  • More expensive than similar services
  • No mobile app

How the Sign-Up Process Works

You can sign up for Wet Shave Club at this page. Fill in your name, address, phone number and billing information. Enter your email address and create a password to sign up. Use your email to log in to the account every time you want to place an order. Follow the screens when checking out and submitting orders.

Pricing and Value

You’ll pay $49.99 for your first box, which includes a shaving brush and razor. Other boxes are $28.99 and have aftershave, soap, shaving cream and other skincare products, but don’t include a razor and brush.

Add $6.99 per order for U.S. deliveries, $9.99 for orders to Canada, and $16.99 for international orders. Shipping is free on orders over $100. (Wet Shave Club also ships to military locations via APO/FPO/DPO addresses.)

Public Perception (Other Wet Shave Club Reviews)

We should mention that a few reviewers note Wet Shave Club isn't the best option for guys on a budget. It's one of the most expensive shaving kit services out there, and even though the products are great, it may be overkill for some men. All the pre-shave oils, lotions, and scented bar soaps will go to waste after a while if you prefer to use a few basic products like shaving cream and aftershave.

A few reviewers liked the pre-and post-shave products better than the shaving cream, stating that they were easier to use. The pre-shave oil in the box he received did a good job of softening facial hair, one reviewer said, while the aftershave soothed small cuts from shaving. Based on online reviews, products included in Wet Shave Boxes are high-quality, except for an occasional miscue.

One reviewer mentioned receiving a rusty blade in a razor. Another writer mentioned all the razors he received weren’t sharp or aggressive enough to shave his beard as smoothly as he wanted.  

A few others noted some of the products have strong or unusual scents they wouldn’t wear in public. Overall, reviews for Wet Shave Club are positive. Guys like the variety of indie products and getting the chance to try out new brands and product types (alum matches, for example), even if they ultimately pass on using them again.

Most reviewers praised the generous return policy and international shipping. Sign-up and customer service also received high marks. And Esquire listed Wet Shave Club as one of the 21 Best Subscription Boxes for Men in 2017.

How It Compares

Compared to other monthly shaving subscription boxes for men, Wet Shave Club is the most expensive, along with Bevel. Morgan’s can be more expensive, but it depends on how you customize each box from their service. WSC’s selection of products and the ability to order boxes one at a time give it an edge over cheaper subscription services.

You have to purchase a box or item to create a Wet Shave Club account. You don't have the option of creating an account first and ordering at a later date. Other services allow you to create an account before purchasing.

The international and military shipping options give Wet Shave Club an advantage over several other services. However, they lack a mobile app and the retail placement of competitors like BirchboxMan.


What products are included in the boxes? 

Are any familiar brands included in the boxes?

How do I pay?

When are boxes shipped?

What other services does Wet Shave Club offer?

Is It Worth It For Me?

Wet Shave Club is designed for men who are diehard wet shavers or at least willing to give it a try for a few months or a year. If you enjoy trying out new indie shaving products, this service is for you. Guys who are less adventurous about their shaving supplies will be better off buying products individually from the Wet Shave Club online shop.

Men on a budget may want to look into other shave clubs or buy products from their local drug store. Wet Shave Club boxes with razors and brushes can cost up to $56 with shipping and $36 with skin products (soaps, creams, lotions) only.

We believe most guys can benefit from trying Wet Shave Club for at least a few months. Check out their monthly boxes and leave a comment below about your experience.

Coupons and Deals

Wet Shave Club offers online coupons, which you can find on the internet on Offers.com, Goodsearch.com, and other sites. Enter the code on the checkout screen, and it will be applied to your order. Check the Wet Shave Club site for occasional deals on free shipping, discounts and sale products in the Wet Shave Shoppe.

Review Summary/Overview

Wet Shave Club offers all the quality products you need for a close wet shave, from razors and shaving brushes to shave soaps and post-shave lotions. There’s no overall rating we can use to describe the products themselves – what works fine on one guy’s skin may not work so well on another’s, so you’ll need to decide that for yourself.  But there’s enough of a selection to ensure every customer finds at least a few go-to products.

Overall, Wet Shave Club is an excellent service, but we recommend looking at other options before committing to purchasing boxes for six months or a year. Fortunately, you can now order boxes from Wet Shave Club when you want them instead of having them shipped automatically. This option will help you test out products when you want without worrying about cancellations.

Value for Price
Ease of Cancellation
Customer Service
Customizing Options
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