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Life can get pretty busy at times, and with the endless list of things you have to do, you find yourself having little time to yourself.

At Yuzen, they recognize that people crave a quiet moment to pause, but so rarely give themselves permission or the time to do so. Yuzen encourages reconnection with that quiet, wise place by providing supportive and eco-conscious products that people can feel good about.

The founders have long been inspired by organizations "doing good" in the world, and Yuzen is their way of sharing the best of the best.

They set their focus on evoking relaxation, pause and delight from their boxes.

The name "Yuzen" is a name of a type of exquisite Japanese paper, also known as chiyogami. Yuzen is made by Japanese artisans, and is created using an intricate multi-step process that layers patterns and color.

Their selection and packaging is carefully designed for a well rounded offering of surprise presented in an elegant package.

How Does It Work?

Like most beauty subscription programs, when you become a subscriber Yuzen will offer you a box of items in exchange. The only difference is that boxes are seasonal, meaning that one comes out every 3 months instead of on a monthly basis.

Each box includes high-quality natural and organic personal care products, healthy snacks, and lifestyle items carefully chosen from about 6 companies.


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  • Only ships to U.S.
  • Lackluster products

Plans & Pricing

Once you become a subscriber, your card will be scheduled for recurring charges before each season's box is shipped to you. The current price for one box is $35, but the retail value is high (generally between $60 – $100).

Yuzen Boxes are delivered seasonally, not monthly so depending on when you sign up your box will be delivered in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

-You can cancel your subscription at anytime. To do so, all you have to do is log into your Yuzen Customer Profile (click SUBSCRIBER LOGIN on the top right) and unsubscribe in the Billing section.  If you run into any more issues you may also contact Yuzen Customer Service.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback is a very important factor to consider when it comes to evaluating a potential product or service. If reviews lean towards the positive or negative side, it's likely you'll have a similar experience.

In Yuzen reviews, customers were in the middle about this box. While the concept is great, it's lackluster compared a lot of its competitors. Products are unique in that they are all natural, but customers found them to be not as exciting as they'd hoped.

It's a decent service, but that's the thing. It's decent. Many customers commented that why settle when there are a lot of better options out there?

Have your own experience with Yuzen? Tell us what you think! Leave a review in the comments below.

Yuzen Box vs. The Competition

With all of the different types of beauty boxes out there, how does Yuzen compare?

Like FabFitFun, Yuzen sends out there boxes on a quarterly basis. Similar to Beauty Heroes, they strive to give their customers a box that is exclusively all-natural and good for you. At $35, they are certainly more pricey than companies like Ipsy, and whether the price is worth it or not is debatable.

Yuzen is special in that they've created their own ball park. They are essentially a combination of several different boxes. 

Product Quality

Conscious consumers, also known as LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) consumers, have long been seeking Yuzen. They want effective products from companies with LOHAS values.

Yuzen evaluates each product's performance, experiences the benefits firsthand, and then shares their favorites with subscribers. At Yuzen, they always look to quality, mission, and integrity before they add it to the shelf.

Each box comes with a different piece of authentic Yuzen paper in hopes that people find their own ways to repurpose the paper for things like bookmarks, gifts, and other creative ideas. Most of their products inside the box are sample-sized, but sometimes they can last over a month. 

Is It Right For Me?

If your someone who wants to be confident that the products you are using are not harmful to you or the environment, then Yuzen Box may be a god fit for you. Considering the fact that they are pricier, you want not like this box if you want to get your money's worth in what you pay.


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Value For Cost
Customer Service
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