ZBox Review: Is This Pop Culture Box Worth The Price?

Zbox review
zbox review

ZBox, (part of the Zavvi brand), a UK-based pop culture box subscription service, and has a UK and US websites. Zavvi was founded in London by Simon Douglas and Steve Peckham in September 2007. Originally a retail store, the company was purchased by the Hut Group in 2009 and the Zavvi brand received an online overhaul.

There’s not much information online about the history of ZBox as a separate entity from Zavvi, but ZBox appears to share almost the same terms and conditions as another UK company, My Geek Box.

This ZBox review will cover the merchandise in the subscription boxes, customer services, cost of the boxes, subscription terms, quality of the items and other information you need to know before signing up for this pop culture box.  

What Makes ZBox Unique?

The box has their logo and different pop culture characters on the cover. Each box has a theme, and there’s a magazine explaining what’s in the box, along with original articles.

Some of the items included in a ZBox are a Doctor Who Weeping Angel replica, a Warcraft Durotan Bleacher Creature, and an original mash-up alien invasion themed T-shirt.

A Threads box with a T-shirt and graphic novel is the other box choice from ZBox. Past items have included a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo graphic novel, Goonies Bike Club T-shirt, Cthulhu T-Shirt and Outcast graphic novel.

This box is mid-range between a box with all popular officially licensed blockbuster products and lesser-known characters and quirky items.

Pros Of Zbox

  • Exclusive, licensed products

  • The basic box is moderately priced

  • Offers a T-shirt and book “Threads” box

  • Comes with an article-filled magazine instead of a description card

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Offers one, three, six and 12-month subscriptions

Cons Of Zbox

  • Hard to cancel

  • Some pieces may be damaged

  • Need to sign in to account to send message to customer service

How the Signup Process Works

Fill out your information on the ZBox login/sign up page or register through your Facebook account to save time. The sign-up screen is fairly simple. Choose a password, and once you get your confirmation, you're good to go.

Zbox Signup Page

Boxes are sent between the 10th and 15th of each month.

Pricing and Value

ZBox offers four different subscription options – one, three, six and 12 months. The one month is $22.99, the three-month box is $21.99, the six-month box is $20.99, the 12-month box is $19.99. There’s not that much of a difference, price-wise, between boxes, so your main concern is the length of time you'll be "locked in" to paying for the box.

Zbox 1 month subscription
Zbox 3 months subscription
Zbox 6 months subscription
Zbox 12 months subscription

You’ll usually receive about $50 worth of merchandise for the $19.99-$22.99 you spend. If you browsed the internet and bought items separately, it would cost much more than what you pay each month for the mystery box.

The items are all full-sized and high-quality, with many of them exclusive to ZBox, so they are well with the 19.99 you pay for one box.  Limited edition boxes, are occasionally offered and may cost more than $22.99. A Disney Box and a Civil War Captain America box are two examples.

(Check the ZBox website for details on special, limited edition boxes.)

Public Perception (Other ZBox Reviews)

A search for ZBox review reveals that most people enjoy the items in the box, and very few of boxes contain damaged pieces or have missing items.

Other online reviewers write about the variety of items in the boxes. One unboxing blog mentioned that the box contained a Schematic T-shirt, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vinyl figure, Destiny 2 poster, exclusive Sonic collector coin, a Spiderman 2018 calendar and information booklet. Most reviewers believe that the merchandise is well worth the $19.99 monthly cost.  

Many ZBox customers in the UK were charged for boxes sent after they canceled their subscriptions, according to the site A Spokesman Said.  

The comments underneath postings on the company’s Facebook page are mostly neutral or negative, with complaints about how promo codes don’t work or questions about when boxes will be sent.

How It Compares

The ZBox service – and the complaints about it - are same with My Geek Box which is also based in UK.

Sign up is easy, but like My Geek Box, you need to contact the company by messaging through your account. ZBox provides no email or phone number. Customers like choices when it comes to contacting a company, and that's lacking here. While with Bam Box , which is also a subscriber box company that we had previously reviewed, they have email addresses for different departments, which make it easier to get complaints resolved.

The quality and variety of products are excellent. ZBox sometimes lacks the official merchandise of some box services, but they provide limited edition boxes from the TV shows, films, and comics that everyone recognizes.

The boxes that house the merchandise are pretty plain compared to other companies, which have their own design on box fronts.

The ZBox web store features individual products if you want something that’s not in one of your mystery boxes. They have a wide variety of merchandise, including accessories, clothing, graphic novels, posters, statues, vinyl and action figures.

The ZBox e-store selection is much greater than most other subscriber box companies.  The clothing selections include band merchandise, with T-shirts featuring pictures and logs from Pink Floyd, Kiss, David Bowie, AC/DC and other artists.

In addition, ZBox also features exclusive, special edition Steelbooks on their e-store.  Blu-rays or games in a premium metal case with specially commissioned artwork, Steelbooks give you a better way to store and display your favorite games or movies.  Steelbook titles on the site include dramas and other non-comic book/sci-fi/horror titles.

Furthermore, the quality and selection of the ZBox is just the same with other subscription boxes. We like the variety of items in the "Thread" box, too. ZBoxes contain a mix of predominantly current action figures and other products, with the occasional retro item.


What should you do if one of the items in a box is damaged?

Does ZBox offer an affiliate program or free boxes for review?

How can I contact the company directly?

Is It Worth It for Me?

If you don’t have any particular character or genre you like, but enjoying exploring popular items, therefore this box is for you. If you like more obscure items, we suggest Bam Box. Pop culture fans with specific interests will do better with Smuggler’s Bounty (Star Wars) or Gamer Girl Monthly.

Coupons and Deals

There’s a discount code page on the ZBox/Zavvi website with codes for savings on individual items, including T-shirts and Pop Vinyl! from the ZBox web store.

Zbox Promo Codes

Look for coupons or promo codes on the usual deal sites, including Couponbirds and Groupon.

Review Summary/Overview

We hope this ZBox review answered your questions about Zavvi/ZBox and their subscription boxes. Based on the information available about the boxes and the company, we rate ZBox as follows:

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